Naomi Osaka Just Gave Birth to Her First Child and Chose a Very Unique Name: Learn More About It and Others Like It

Congratulations are in order for tennis superstar Naomi Osaka and her boyfriend, Cordae! The couple welcomed their first child, a baby girl born approximately three weeks ago. It must be such an exciting time for this growing family. Cordae is a beloved rapper who was performing at Canada’s Calgary Stampede, where he giddily told the audience his daughter’s name.

“My daughter Shai was just born a couple days ago, so I dedicate this performance to my baby girl Shai,” he shared.

Before having her baby, Osaka told People she was interested in finding a unique choice, saying, “We have been discussing names. I would say that we are going for something more unique than traditional.”

We think she and Cordae nailed it with the name Shai. Let’s look deeper into this appellation, its meaning, and its origin and discuss if the name is popular. We will also share dozens of others like it to offer you a variety of options.

What’s in the Name Shai?

Naomi Osaka baby name
A photo of Shai shared by Osaka on Instagram

Shai is pronounced exactly the same as the word “shy.” Isn’t that precious? The name originated in Hebrew and means “gift.” Is this appellation in the running for most splendid of all time!? Further, the name is entirely gender-neutral, one of the biggest baby appellation trends. The name is rare in all countries except Israel, where it is the 59th most popular name for baby girls.

More About Shai

Naomi Osaka baby name

Shai also happens to be the personification of fate in Egyptian mythology. Visit any baby name database, and you will see that interest in this name among American parents is growing. More people are searching for the appellation daily to learn more about it. Expect this name to be trendy here in the next couple of yours. Our only caution about Shai is that people will want to pronounce the same as Shay or Shae. If you’re up to the task of correcting others, this could be the perfect fit.

It’s Time to Discover Others Like Shai


Naomi Osaka baby name

Angelina Jolie is to thank for putting Shiloh on the map. Shiloh is a unisex name of Hebrew origin that means “tranquil.” The name ranked 488th for boys and 344th for girls in 2022. That means it is mildly popular but not ubiquitous.


Naomi Osaka baby name

Amal is another unisex option found in Arabic and Hebrew naming traditions. In Arabic, the Amal means “hope.” In Hebrew, it is taken to mean “laborer.” Amal is popular in the Middle East and a few countries peppered around Europe, but it is a rare choice in the US. We wish this would change!


Naomi Osaka baby name

Phoenix is a sensational name of Greek origin that means “dark red.” The name debuted in the top 1000 in 2003 and has been rising ever since. The figure is considered a symbol of rebirth or immortality. We could use some rebirth right about now!


Naomi Osaka baby name

Sage is a marvelous gender-neutral name with Latin origins and means “wise” or “knowing.” We should all start our journeys with a bit of wisdom. Sage also names a delicious herb making it a cherished nature name. Sage has ranked highly for boys since 1991, and we only see this name getting even more popular in the coming years.


Naomi Osaka baby name

Harmony is a top 200 name today, and parents have been freely giving this name since the seventies. Harmony is a word name that means exactly what you think it does and is Greek in origin. Bonus points for parents who are obsessed with music choosing this lyrical choice!


Naomi Osaka baby name

Kit is a crisp, classic British unisex nickname that sounds fresh and modern today. Kit has long been a nickname for Katherine for girls and Charles for boys. Jodie Foster used it for her son! Kit can mean “follower of Christ” or “pure.” We think Kit has such a fresh and appealing ring to it.


Naomi Osaka baby name

This appealing multi-cultural name, pronounced KYE, is starting to be used for girls as well as boys; among its many origins and meanings: “sea” in Hawaiian, “forgiveness” in Japanese, “willow tree” in Navajo, “food” in Maori, and “earth” in Scandinavian. For girls, it debuted on the US Top 1000 in 2010. It’s currently a top 100 favorite for baby boys.


Naomi Osaka baby name

Zephyrus was the Greek god of the west wind, and all names associated with him have a pleasantly airy, breezy feel. Because of its Greek origin, this name means “west wind.” It’s currently a top 1000 option in the UK for boys and it is very quickly catching on in the US. Z-names are super hot right now, so expect this name to emerge as a favorite in the coming years.


Naomi Osaka baby name

Yael is a name with Hebrew origins that’s popular for both boys and girls in Israel today. Ya’el is another possible spelling of this adorable name. This charmer means “to ascend” and is currently more popular for boys than girls in the US.


Naomi Osaka baby name

Lynx combines a few qualities trending among new parents today. In addition to its connection to nature and gender-neutral, it also has an attractive X-ending that parents can’t seem to get enough of. Lynx is one of the fiercest new animal names to emerge in recent years, and we expect this one to catch fire soon enough.


Naomi Osaka baby name

Vega is an Arabic baby name adopted by the Romans. It was given to the brightest star in the Northern Constellation. Vega is currently an extremely trendy name for baby girls in Spain today, but it has been largely undiscovered elsewhere. Vega means “landing eagle.” It sounds zesty enough for your little star.


Naomi Osaka baby name

Knox might sound masculine to you, but it’s a name that’s commonly given to both girls and boys. The name is Scottish in origin and means “round hill.” The name became popular around the 13th Century and is closely associated with the Scottish Reformation.

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Naomi Osaka baby name

One of the trendiest gender-neutral baby names, Rhodes, caught fire after Emma Roberts chose it for her son, born in 2020. The name contains a Greek root that means “where the roses grow.” Who could be mad about that?


Naomi Osaka baby name

Zen is a Mahayana Buddhist school of thought that emphasizes meditation to uncover universal truths. Zen is a unisex name that actually landed in the top 1000 for boys for the very first time in the US in 2022. For many, Zen is synonymous with tranquility. It means “meditation.”


Naomi Osaka baby name

The very bright Japanese appellation Dai means “to shine.” While this name is popular for boys and girls, it’s been trending for boys over the last few decades. We love this name for a girl and would love to hear more of it.


Naomi Osaka baby name

In English, Shir is a diminutive form of Shirley, meaning “bright meadow.” In Hebrew, the name is unisex, relating to Shiron, meaning “songfest.” It is currently going to more girls than boys in Israel, where it is a favorite, ranking in the top 100.


Naomi Osaka baby name

A very granola name, Sky was a hit for a while before it fell from fashion in the 1990s. It returned in 2013 and is now firmly in the top 1000 for baby girls. Sky is a sunny nature name that fits most last names and makes for a bold unisex choice.


Naomi Osaka baby name

Ash is often considered a name for boys (short for Asher), but it’s long been a nickname for girls named Ashley. Ash is an English name that means “ash tree.” Go ahead and name your son or daughter Ash; you won’t regret a thing. As given appellation, this one is rare today.


Naomi Osaka baby name

Sai is a unisex appellation of Japanese origin that means “difference.” Sai is a name featured in Naruto. It is uncommon in the US, but a few boys have had it put on their birth certificates.


Naomi Osaka baby name

Ezra has long been favored for baby boys, but it’s also on fire for baby girls today. The name ranks in the top 50 for boys, and it is climbing close to the top 500 for girls. Ezra’s Hebrew root means “help.”


Naomi Osaka baby name

If Ezra is too familiar for your tastes, try its variant, Ezri. Both names come from the same root, are unisex, and mean “help.” Ezri is one of the most overlooked biblical baby names out there.


Naomi Osaka baby name

Chai, of course, names a delicious tea, but it is also a Hebrew appellation for both girls and boys. In Hebrew, you need to drop the C at the beginning to pronounce this one correctly. Say it, HAI. If you’re after an obscure yet accessible appellation, Chai should check some boxes.

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Naomi Osaka baby name

Koa is a unisex appellation of Hawaiian origin that means “warrior.” The name ranked 351st for baby boys last year but is picking up steam with little girls. The name makes for the perfect alternative to the time-tested and road-worn Noah.

There you go! Now you know all about the name Shai and have some other options like it to consider. We are so pleased for Naomi Osaka and believe that she and Cordae picked a name that is perfect in every way. Were you expecting anything less from this icon? Happy baby name hunting!

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