Is It Okay to Let Your Children Play With Nerf Guns?

Is It Okay to Let Your Children Play With Nerf Guns?

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QUESTION: Do You Let Your Sons and Daughters Play with Nerf Guns?

“I have a question for all the boy (and girl) moms out there: Are you okay with buying nerf guns for your kids?

If yes, why? If no, why?”

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Is It Okay to Let Your Children Play With Nerf Guns?

Community Answers

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“I have a daughter but yes. Our only rules are no headshots and no shooting the dogs.”

“We have so many nerf guns!!! Only rule, no head shots. Most days I load the gun I’m about to get shot with.”

“Yes. We have have nerf wars too lol. With rules. No shooting anything that will break (tv etc), no hitting the face and not at the cat. Otherwise they will lose them.”

“Yes, he plays with nerf guns. Yes, he plays with toy guns. Yes, we have real guns. He is taught to respect and treat guns as if they are loaded, no matter what. He is taught gun safety. It applies to toy guns as well as real guns so as to not get complacent.”

“Yes, my boys all have nerf guns, bb guns, shotguns, and rifles. They were also all taught gun safety and to always treat a gun as if it is loaded. They have hunted the meat we eat and grow the fruit and vegetables we eat.”

“I don’t understand the logic with old school thinking. Why wouldn’t it be ok? If you are being a parent and giving your kids an education, rules, and advice, there’s no reason for your kids to turn into criminals and blame it all on nerf guns.”

“Guns are not a joke. As long as they understand the differences between real and fake, I don’t see an issue with nerf guns. There is a time and a place to play with guns and they are to be kept up until that time. No head shots. Targets are a good thing to get them into shooting…

… I have been around guns my entire life and I think what saved me from the curiosity is that I was taught and shown what they are and what they do from a young age. I remember watching my grandpa clean his guns and him explaining what each thing was and what it did. I think I was around 7 when we started shooting bb guns…. Please momma just teach them the differences between real and fake.”

“I don’t have a son but I have two daughters and they love playing with nerf guns.”

“My son has had nerf guns since he was old enough to hold them. Not old enough to always load them, I remember days of having to pull it back for him. We have rules with them, never have one pointed at yourself (while loading my son would often do this drive me crazy.) never shoot anyone unless they are armed with one too and it’s ‘war.’ We are also a pro-firearm family. My kids learn gun safety from the beginning.”

“My son has a shoe holder in the back of the bedroom door filled with nerf guns lol. We have another bin filled with them as well. Rules are, just no shooting when his baby brother is near and no shots to the head or face.”

“I don’t have a problem with my kids having a nerf gun just as long as they look nothing like a real one. My kids know what a real gun looks like they also know that it is very dangerous and to never touch one. We have also let them shoot a real gun under adult supervision so that they know why it’s so dangerous. So to them a nerf gun is simply a toy.”

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