Netflix Launches ‘Stranger Things’ Drive-Through Sets Because Haunted Houses Almost Definitely Aren’t Happening in 2020

Stranger Things fans — and fans of doing literally anything unique and interesting during the pandemic — this one’s for you.

You may not want to hear this, but Halloween is just about two months away. Where did the time go? What even is time in the age of Coronavirus and social distancing? We digress… As alarming as that may sound, here’s some good news: Though you likely won’t be able to take your family to something like a haunted house (due to the aforementioned pandemic) this year, Netflix is making sure you can still get your seasonal thrills by recreating Stranger Things sets that you can actually drive through (If you live in Los Angeles, anyway.)

Who’s ready for a trip to Hawkins, Indiana?

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Netflix Is Launching Stranger Things: The Drive-Into Experience in October 2020

The Stranger Things: Drive-Into Experience, according to the official website, promises that attendees will “travel back in time to 1985 and become a Hawkins resident – in real life.”

It continues, “Adventure calls, so gather your friends and drive to the Starcourt Mall. Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Stranger Things, where you will take part in a “drive-into” experience like no other.”

Netflix Launches 'Stranger Things' Drive-Through Sets Because Haunted Houses Almost Definitely Aren't Happening in 2020
Stranger Things: The Drive-Into Experience / Instagram

The site also highlights that this project is a safe way to enjoy the Halloween-time thrills you seek while being mindful of the ongoing social distancing measures nearly all of the world is taking as the Coronavirus pandemic rages on.

“You will unlock the untold story of Hawkins in this unique format event – all from the safety of your car. In a central DTLA location, you’ll dive into and explore a living, breathing story to savour some of the best moments from the Netflix series and maybe even witness some unforeseen and unusual occurrences. Sign up now to unlock the secrets that await…”

Stranger Things: The Drive-Into Experience Website

What Can Stranger Things Fans Expect?

Fans can “expect real-life locations from the series and mind-blowing audio and visual effects,” per the site. “This adventure is Eleven out of 10! But beware, things can quickly turn uʍop ǝpᴉsdn.” (Fans of the show, or anyone who’s accessed a computer during the last four years, will understand that.)

According to The Verge, lucky fans will drive through “iconic locations from the show, including the newly opened Starcourt Mall, the secret underground Russian lab, and the supernatural Upside Down from the show’s third season, which debuted last summer.” They also add that, though you will never need to lead your car during the hour-plus-long event, you will be able to stop and watch various actors act out scenes.

Netflix Launches 'Stranger Things' Drive-Through Sets Because Haunted Houses Almost Definitely Aren't Happening in 2020
Stranger Things: The Drive-Into Experience / Instagram

When, Where, and How Can You Visit the Stranger Things: Drive-Into Experience?

The Stranger Things: Drive-Into Experience will launch in downtown Los Angeles, California in October 2020. It will presumably run through the month of October and end sometime shortly after Halloween (October 31, 2020.)

Right now, tickets are not available to purchase, but you can join the waitlist to be alerted the moment they go on sale on Wednesday, August 26 at 12 p.m. PT.

If you are given access to purchase tickets, know that they start at $59 per car. (So cram as many of your family in there as you can!)

Netflix Launches 'Stranger Things' Drive-Through Sets Because Haunted Houses Almost Definitely Aren't Happening in 2020

According to an announcement from Netflix, via The Verge, this will all function sort of like an immersive theater experience. Which, when you really think about it… is that not what a haunted house is? It’s just that now we don’t get out of our cars.

“The beloved Netflix original series, created by The Duffer Brothers, will be transformed into an immersive theatrical production, complete with mind-bending sets, actors in costume, and otherworldly special effects. Upon entry, guests will drive their vehicles (in groups of 24 cars) through the multi-level experience, stopping for extended periods of time for scenes to play out around them,” the announcement reads. “They will then be guided to drive to the next scene, where they park again for another ‘chapter’ in the story.”

The Verge

So, who’s ready for a road trip to Los Angeles so that we can pretend that we’re road-tripping to the fictional Hawkins, Indiana so that we can pretend like things are normal and that everything post-Coronavirus isn’t all that… you know… strange?

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