Nev Schulman Calls Wife Laura Perlongo’s Third Pregnancy ‘Daunting’ and an ‘Emotional Struggle’

Catfish‘s Nev Schulman revealed to fans that he’s expecting more episodes of his hit show to drop soon as well as a new baby! However, his wife, Laura Perlongo‘s pregnancy journey has not been an easy one.

“Every kid you have, it feels like you’re leveling up and facing a new boss in the video game of parenting,” the father of two told People in a new interview.

Nev Schulman Shared News of His Wife’s Emotional and Difficult Third Pregnancy and Got Really Real About It All.

Nev Schulman, 36, is dad to daughter Cleo James, 4, and son Beau Bobby Bruce, 2. He continued with his extended gaming metaphor for parenting and said, “Sure, you’ve got experience, but every boss is different. That experience only gets you so far. Because even just with the two kids, the dynamic changes, the needs change, the interactions change the difficulty level.”

Schulman and his wife are expecting their child in September and will be revealing its sex before the due date. But, he’s already tempering his daughter’s desire to have a little sister.

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“Cleo was definitely hoping for a girl, but we very quickly convinced her that it was best [to be the only girl] because then she gets to be the only princess,” the reality TV host explained.

“Beau and the other boy will have each other to play with so they won’t have to bother her, which may or may not be true,” he added. “But that’s at least what we’re telling her.”

Perlongo, 35, recently opened up about the difficulties of her third pregnancy on Instagram saying that her first trimester was, “a 3 month rainy day with no Gene Kelly in sight.”

“Being pregnant with two kids, there’s very little time or energy to feel anything really,” Schulman told People.

“And lucky as we are to be having another kid, that doesn’t mean that you’re always excited and always feel great about it. It’s overwhelming, and it’s daunting. And there’s something about it that is scary because it’s like, ‘Well, now I’m going to have another kid, how and when am I going to find time for myself and to still feel like I have my own identity?’ There’s a lot of emotions attached.”

“Beau is probably hitting the terrible twos a little bit harder than Cleo did,” the MTV host said of the kids he already has. “But at the same time, Cleo was an only child then, and we had all of our attention and time for her. And so I get why it’s definitely different for Beau.”

Schulman, who was a finalist on season 29 of Dancing with the Stars, said he throws dance parties for Cleo, who he claims “was obsessed with” DWTS.

“[She] loves telling people I was on it and asking when I’m going to be on it again,” the dancing dad revealed. “We also got her in ballet class, which she loves. We’re a pretty dance-y family.”

Schulman told fans to expect more episodes of Catfish to begin airing soon. He explained that new episodes find him and his co-host Kamie Crawford uncovering online dating mayhem via Zoom.

Of the new season, the host said that he was left at a loss for words on a couple of the episodes. “I find myself, very often, just speechless. I don’t know what to say. I know it’s my job to say things, but sometimes I just don’t know what to say.

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“I don’t want to judge, but the situations are just so unique and specific and unpredictable that I’m at a loss.”

While we are saddened to learn of Laura Perlongo’s difficult pregnancy, we hope that as the due date approached she and Nev Schulman will be more excited by their baby on the way!

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