Someone Tried to Change the Alphabet Song and Left Every Last One of Us Completely Shaken and Upset

They say change is good, but whoever said that clearly has not had the life-changing experience of listening to the new Alphabet Song. Last week, the Twitterverse discovered a disturbing new version of the song, and let’s just say it left people shook!

Dream English, the company behind the newfangled version, which originally released in 2012, changed the melody – the melody! – of the classic song. Now, instead of singing L-M-N-O-P like any, red-blooded human, the song goes L-M-N – dramatic pause – O-P-Q-R-S-T-U-V. WHAT IS HAPPENING?!

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Listen to the New Alphabet Song… If You Dare!

Fans of the original Alphabet Song went to Twitter to share their raw feelings after taking a listen.  

“They changed the ABC song to clarify the LMNOP part, and it is life ruining,” writer Noah Garfinkel said.

One of Garfinkle’s followers responded, “That legit made my ears bleed.” Same!

“I will not sit idly by, while the media conveniently pivot to more revisionist history! They have removed the “L M N O P” beat, from the ABC SONG. What’s next, the twinkle from a star?,” another concerned fan of the original wrote.

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“They” can pry the original LMNOP out of my cold dead hands,” an enthusiast of the classic wrote.

A few commenters noted that if you were searching for a new Alphabet Song, look no further than Patti LaBelle singing the tune on Sesame Street.

In the name of research, we listened to several versions of the new song so that you don’t have to. Warning: Listen if you dare – you’ll never be able to get this unsettling new version out of your head.

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