Nicole Brown Simpson’s Sister Slams Kim Kardashian For O.J. Simpson Joke Made On SNL

Nicole Brown Simpson‘s sister is denouncing Kim Kardashian West after she made a joke about O.J. Simpson while hosting Saturday Night Live this past weekend.

Kardashian West, 40, joked that her late father Robert Kardashian Sr. (who served as one of the defense attorneys in Simpson’s trial for the murders of his ex-wife Nicole, 35, and her friend Ron Goldman, 25) was the reason that she met her “first Black person.”

“Wanna take a stab in the dark at who it was?” Kardashian West joked.

“It’s sort of weird to remember the first Black person you met, but O.J. does leave a mark. Or several. Or none at all. I still don’t know.”

Tanya Brown said in a statement how Kardashian West’s joke (which was made in October during Domestic Violence Awareness Month) was “beyond inappropriate and insensitive.”

“If she and her family loved Nicole so much as they claimed, this was done in very poor taste,” Tanya says.

Nicole Brown Simpson's Sister Slams Kim Kardashian For O.J. Simpson Joke Made On SNL
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“I think the taste of writers at SNL was beyond inappropriate and insensitive as was the reaction in the audience,” she shared. “Regarding Kim, I believe everyone has a choice to control what they speak on.”

“She easily could have said, ‘This is inappropriate and disrespectful to everyone! Not only for Nicole and Ron, but for all victims of domestic violence who were murdered by their significant others.”

Both Nicole and Goldman were fatally stabbed on June 12, 1994. And while Simpson was acquitted of the double murders in October 1995, Simpson was deemed liable for the deaths in 1997 in a civil case brought by the two victims’ families.

Since her sister’s death, Tanya, who is a life coach and speaker, has been very vocal about domestic violence.

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“When I speak and talk about domestic violence, it is merely for educational purposes, not for laughter or comedy,” Tanya tells PEOPLE.

“I only share what has been made public about Nicole. I would never share anything private of Nicole’s life.”

“After 27 years, can’t we move past the murders and focus on domestic violence? Since COVID, statistics have skyrocketed. It is critical, so no more Nicoles and Rons happen,” she continues.

Adds Tanya: “Our loss, Browns and Goldmans, should not be portrayed as a comedy — family or non-family. Loss, tragedy, murder, crime should not be portrayed as comedy. Everyone has a choice!”

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