25 Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoos That Are Actually Pretty Dreamy

Tim Burton‘s beloved stop-motion classic, The Nightmare Before Christmas is nearly thirty years old and it still captures people’s hearts and imaginations. With some of the most memorable characters ever created, this Christmas/Halloween hybrid inspires no shortage of portrait tattoos of just about every being from the film.

As you might imagine tattoos of Jack the Pumpkin King and his special friend, Sally are the most common but you’ll find all sorts of designs that pay homage to the movie. From evil little toys to Oogie Boogie, people are showing their love with all sorts of designs. Whether you’re a hardcore fan of the movie or just enjoy great tattoo design, you’ll enjoy taking a look at some of these creative pieces. Here are 25 tattoos inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas that are actually dreamy.

Watercolor Love

We at MU are huge fans of watercolor tattoos. Here, we find Jack, Sally, and Zero swimming in a smokey purple atmosphere.

Micro Smiley

You don’t have to broadcast your love of Nightmare to the world, you can always go with a humble tattoo that expresses your fandom. Micro tattoos are a great option! They are tiny but they get the message across.

Nightmare Reindeer

Jack Skellington’s sleigh was pulled by some pretty frightening, reanimated reindeer. This black and grey tattoo is a more obscure reference to the movie. We love it to death.

Spooky Thigh

This person made a huge commitment by getting this giant sleeve on their upper thigh. It features some of the film’s most cherished characters centered around Jack.


If you saw this film as a child, we suspect that you wanted your very own Zero as a pet. This pastel and cute reimagining proves that Zero makes for a very fun tattoo.


Tarot tattoos are all the rage right now with people getting more and more creative with them every day! Here, we find “The Lovers” card containing your favorites, Jack and Sally together.

The Pumpkin King

Purple, green, orange and black are the colors of the Halloween season and they all work extremely well together in this design. We especially adore that gradient background that forms the shapes of the spirits.


One of the most original designs inspired by the film is this silhouette of Jack giving Sally a flower. Look closely at this smart design and you’ll see familiar shapes and motifs incorporated into it.


Look at all the dots used to give this design texture and depth! The colors in the movie are rather muted so it’s refreshing to see a vibrant take of Sally.


As we mentioned, small is just fine! We love this little toy duck monster that terrorized children in the movie. It’s a very unique choice that we expect needs explaining from time to time.

A Rose

If you’re interested in getting a Halloween-inspired tattoo look no further than your friends from Halloween Town. This fine half sleeve is so sharp and incorporates elements of American traditional design as well.

Three of a Kind

Lock, Shock, and Barrel are three little baddies that fans of the movie can’t seem to get enough of. We came across so many tattoos of this trio we could have made an entire list dedicated to them!

Creepy Jack

Jack’s looking especially dapper and creepy in this long, torso tattoo. While we love colorful inks, sometimes black and grey provides the most thrilling results.

Oogie Boogie

If your favorite character from The Nightmare Before Christmas was Oogie Boogie, we know exactly the type of moral compass you possess. This very fun design brings the imagery of the “Oogie Boogie’s Song” scene to life.


We’re not entirely sure that calling this tattoo photorealistic is correct, as it is of an animated character, but the level of detail on display is remarkable. Just look at the glare in Sally’s eyes!


You do not want to drink a cup of tea infused with deadly nightshade, but a tattoo won’t hurt (too much). This unique homage is the perfect marriage for people looking to pay tribute to their favorite movie and display a lovely floral design.


This tattoo if Sally makes her look almost like a rag doll (which we guess she technically is). We love this creative and cartoonish design that puts a new spin on things.

Vamp Teddy

Yes, you need a vampire teddy bear tattooed on your body. Pair this with that vampire duck and you’re all set.


Don’t ever feel boxed-in when considering the color or any aspect of your tattoo’s design. You and your artist get to make the rules. When people think outside of the box, gorgeousness results!

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Patched Together

Well, this was a choice! If you’ve ever wanted your leg to look like a patchwork quilt, here’s how you might go about it. This leg looks just like Sally’s been brought to life.

Vampire Brothers

Black, grey, white, and red result in this stunning tattoo of the vampire brothers. As a child, these guys really creeped us out, now, we find they make for an excellent tattoo.


Zero’s house, which doubles as a dog mausoleum, is tattooed here inside a cloud of magical purple and maroon. We saw several Zero tattoos but none were as fun as this one.


The aggressive shading in this tattoo gives the overall look a sinister cartoonish vibe. We love the way the flames from the pumpkin have been done here.

Lock, Shock, And Barrel

Here they are again. This tattoo looks perfectly mischievous and makes us want to go find a Sandy Klaws to kidnap. The dotwork here is truly remarkable.

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We love this dramatic, moody, and romantic design that features Zero and Jack behind a trio of jack-o’-lanterns. This tattoo manages to look like an oil painting and we’re here for it!

This is Halloween, this is Halloween! We hope you enjoyed these chilling yet beautiful The Nightmare Before Christmas tattoos. If you love this movie and aren’t afraid to show that it’s your favorite, consider a unique design of your own!

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