New Jersey Officer Saves 1-Month-Old Baby Who Was Thrown From Balcony

A police officer is being hailed as a hero after he saved a 1-month-old child when it was thrown from a balcony.

Officer Eduardo Matute caught the infant after a man threw the child from the second floor of a building this past Saturday.

The baby thankfully was not hurt but was taken to a local hospital out of an abundance of caution. Officers arrested the man accused of throwing the baby. Officer Matute is being hailed a hero.

The man is facing several charges, including attempted murder.

In June of this year, a naked mother in Brooklyn, New York, threw her newborn daughter and toddler son out of their second-floor apartment window.

The incident occurred at 11.20 am on Saturday 12 June in the Brownsville neighborhood. The unidentified mother attempted to hurt her children, who were also unclothed through the disturbing incident.

The mom reportedly said she was “tired of being by herself” as she slammed the infant’s head into the sidewalk, according to an eyewitness per The New York Post.

New Jersey Officer Saves 1-Month-Old Baby Who Was Thrown From Balcony
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“I don’t think she intentionally meant to hurt her kids because I didn’t see any signs of anger. She didn’t have any, like, facial expression. She didn’t say anything to the kids.” Carl Chin, 41 said to reporters.

“Within seconds we heard a thump, like the body just his the ground. So she jumps up to the window and sees the two kids on the floor,” he said, per The Daily Mail.

It was then that Mr. Chin’s fiancee yelled for him to call 911 and pleaded with the mom to not hurt her kids.

He continued, saying: “I run to the back and I see the mom has the child in one hand and she drops her. The infant. She drops her a couple of times,” he said.

New Jersey Officer Saves 1-Month-Old Baby Who Was Thrown From Balcony
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He proceeded to stop her, and went on to describe what he did exactly to do that.

“I kind of forcefully took the baby from her, using my forearm, and got her to loosen her grip with the baby. We exchanged a few words, and within the seconds the FDNY and ambulance came and took care of it,” Mr Chin said to reporters.

He said that the toddler seemed to be OK, but that the baby appeared bruised and hurt.

“She was trying to open her eyes and it was closing. Half her face was bruised. I hope she didn’t hit her head on the concrete, but her head was shaped kind of like after you hit it hard and swelling starts to form,” he said.

He said that the woman then thanked him, and became calm after he intervened.

New Jersey Officer Saves 1-Month-Old Baby Who Was Thrown From Balcony
Image via Shutterstock

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“I have no idea what was going on with the mom. I had never met her or seen her prior to this but she clearly is not in the right state of mind. She must have been having some kind of mental breakdown because they were all naked,” he said.

His sister-in-law was also at the scene and also shared what she witnessed.

“We saw the newborn, we started screaming. It was three of them naked on the ground,” She said, revealing how the baby was bleeding and the toddler was bruised.

The baby girl was admitted to Maimonides Hospital in a serious condition, according to the New York Police Department, and the woman and the boy were sent to Brookdale Hospital with injuries believed not serious.

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