Fans Are Officially Divided Over North West and Her TikTok Skincare Routine Video

In 2021, Kim Kardashian and her nine-year-old daughter, North West, opened a TikTok account – @kimandnorth – that quickly grew in popularity as fans rushed to get a closer look at the child’s life. Today, the account boasts an impressive 10.5 million followers, compared to Kim’s 5.4 million followers.

The account originally gained a lot of criticism from some who thought nine years old was too young to be on TikTok. Nonetheless, the account continues to grow as Kim K takes precautions to avoid misuse of the account – not only disabling comments but also writing “managed by an adult” in the TikTok account’s bio. 

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The account mostly shows North West doing things any nine-year-old would do – having fun and joking around with her friends/family. Unfortunately, some people continue to criticize Kim and North over the account. Most recently, they were criticized when North shared a video of her daily skincare routine. 

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During the video, North West takes followers through her skincare routine, which features about a dozen different creams and other products from her mother’s skincare line. Throughout the video, which lasts about two and a half minutes, North is joking, having fun, and being a normal, everyday nine-year-old. 

And while her comments are turned off, that didn’t stop some people from sharing their thoughts on the video through other means. For example, one person tweeted, “Not to be dramatic but I have never been as disturbed as I am watching North West do her skincare routine.” The tweet has since been deleted. 

Some fans called out her skincare routine as ‘chaotic,’ especially for a nine-year-old, while others questioned her use of skincare products in general. The comments created quite a divide between fans of Kim Kardashian – some of whom were quick to criticize and others who rushed to the child’s defense. 

“I have always mentioned that this or ANY skincare line is for mature skin. & North West is 9 years of age. No pores. Let alone acne. Kim is allowing her to ruin her skin before she gets the chance. Due to beauty standards. It bothers me so much. She’s a kid. Let her be a KID,” wrote another user on Twitter. 

Some Fans Rush to the Defense of North West

It wasn’t all criticism for North West after her recent TikTok video – which has received more than 11 million views since being uploaded. While some of the comments were nasty, other comments were uplifting as many users understood the nature of the video – a nine-year-old having fun on TikTok. 

One user asked a simple question – “What’s so disturbing about a 9-year-old having fun…?” – in response to some critics calling the video ‘disturbing.’ Another user jokingly tweeted, “every single kid from the 2000s-now has filmed a get ready w/ me or makeup/skincare vid when they were 10.”

In fact, some users were under the impression that North West was simply making fun of her mother – who has done her fair share of makeup tutorials over her career. While it’s safe to say North West does have a skincare routine, her behavior suggests the video wasn’t meant to be taken too seriously. 

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We saw something similar earlier this month when North West posted a TikTok of her lip-syncing to some of her mother’s greatest and funniest quotes. At the end of the day, most social media users seem to agree that North is just having fun and acting like a nine-year-old with her TikToks – which isn’t a crime.

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