Not sure if I should move or not: Thoughts?

I have a question about family ties and matters … I’m making a huge decision to move my family closer to my biological family ( bio mom) long story short she didn’t raise me my her dad and her step mom dad my grandparents who became my mama and daddy any ways she has two other kids my brother and sister which where all grown now but I asked my bio mom to watch my youngest while I worked to establish my life out where she lives in a totally area and life style ( I’ll be moving the country from the city where I’ve love all my life) and I basically got a non in other words but she watches my nieces (2 of them) and my bio grandmother who lives there watches my other niece they are 3,3 and 1 I understand that it’s a hassle bit why beg me to move down there for years now I’m actually doing it I don’t have a support system there or here since my grandparents died 2015 and 2018 and I’m just trying to keep the kids close to family but looks like I can’t get my life together because I don’t trust strangers watching my 6 month old while my other 3 are in school I’m upset about it because I’ve always felt like the kid she never wanted since I only seen her 5 times my whole child hood till I graduated high school I want to bring it up but then I don’t want to argue should I just move my family farther out and just make our life’s with out the last remaining family I have or should I tough it out and move closer to her with it 2 hours a way either way we’re moving out the city just don’t know how to feel or do about it.

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  1. Your gut is trying to tell you something, listen to it. As doctor Phil says “the best indicator of future behavior is past behavior” Settle where you feel comfortable and if that relationship is meant to be it will be no matter if you are two miles or two hours away.

  2. Go where you are comfortable being with your kids. My opinion is just to live your life. She hasn’t helped you so far, she is refusing to help you now. Find a community that will embrace you and your kids….your mother isn’t going to.

  3. Don’t move for a bunch of azz jokes who didn’t take the time to nurture u. Fuqqqq’em. They keep showing u that ur not special and now ur babies are gna feel it too. Stay where ur at.

  4. Why are you moving there? Don’t move or change your life…or your children’s lives to try to repair a relationship that may or may not be a mutual need or desire. These people sound like they are strangers you are trying to become part of their lives..
    Maybe counseling to understand the motivation…
    I know part of the reason is to feel loved by family… but.. you can’t make them do what you desire.
    You are Loved… take care…

  5. Not to be insensitive, but it’s clear that your biological mother doesn’t make the effort to be in your life and will not put in the effort if you move there. If she couldn’t be there for you growing up then there’s no reason to think she’s magically changed. Move further away from them if possible. Blood doesn’t make you family.

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