25 Ombré Tattoos with Colorful Appeal and Impactful Design

You might have heard of ombré hair, makeup, or eyebrows, but let us introduce you to ombré tattoos! Ombré is the blending of one color hue to another, usually moving tints and shades from light to dark. That means that tattoo inks are chosen and applied to give a blended, smooth transition from one hue to the next. These tattoos are extremely appealing and make for some of the more unique designs you’ll ever come across.

We decided to take a deep dive into subtle color gradation and search for some amazing ombré ink. As a general rule, these tattoos work best when there’s a simple design that doesn’t overpower the gentleness of the colorwork. We also have discovered that there are two types that succeed. Rainbow ombré is an effect that includes all the colors of the rainbow. Then, there’s also a single-color ombré that transforms from light and dark colors in the spectrum. For instance, a purple ombré will be all purple, but it will vary from dark and blueish to lighter and pink. Here are 25 ombré tattoos that show off just how incredible this tattoo trend is.

Purple Peony

So, we just mentioned purple ombré, and here’s an example. Do you see how this gorgeous flower transforms from peach to plum? This is such a beautiful way to incorporate color and vibrancy into a tattoo design.

Rainbow Bumblebee

How cute is this? This little bumblebee transitions from one to many colors ranging all the way from deep purple to a happy yellow. The wings are also expertly done in a pastel ombré.

Blue Butterfly

Here’s a rather moody example. This butterfly has a subtle ombré effect through the wings. It almost looks like there’s a spotlight at the center of the tattoo that’s brightening it. Terrific!

Maple Moth

This warm moth has colors that transition from yellow to red showing all the beautiful orange hues in between. It’s like an entire sunset.

Flower Power

We’re obsessed with pet tattoos and this cat sure looks like a handsome devil! While the kitty is shaded in natural colors, the floral motif around it is exploding with ombré color.

Radical Reaper

Who needs subtlety? This very vibrant grim reaper is livened up with tons of splashy color. We’re into it.

Juicy Jelly

This jellyfish tattoo is magic. Pure magic! We’re very much into a pastel ombré. It gives this design a haunting, dreamlike quality.

Turtle Treat

All the colors of the rainbow can be found on this turtle with a landscape on its shell. The person who shared this image included the caption: “You can not let the weight of this world outshine the light that you carry within.”

Tickling Tentacles

This gradient octopus is coming after you! Wow! We love the inclusion of black and grey near the wrist to even further enforce the gradient coloring.


We were not expecting to find one ombré grim reaper! Here’s another one that extends the effect for the entire design. What a chiller!

Marvelous Moth

Here’s a gradient tattoo of a death’s head moth. We love how they’ve stuck with just a single color and worked with it well.

The Itsy-Bitsy…

We hate spiders but this rose is so exciting! We love how the colors warm at the center and cool as they move to the edge of the petals.

Colorful Cactus


This is a very silly joke tattoo but the rainbow ombré is very impressive. We love how the entire design is outlined in white ink to help the colors really pop!

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Mermaid Magic

Lisa Frank, this one is for you. This stunning shell tattoo is pretty as they come. It reminds us of a beachside sunset.

Yarn, At Sunset


Speaking of, this knitting enthusiast decided to get a ball of yarn in a mellow gradient. Did you clock the cat faces at the top of the needles? Adorable!

Mini Moon

Getting an ombré effect into a small design is a challenge. This micro tattoo of a crescent moon is extremely well done.

Gothy Goodness

This gothy tattoo certainly has some witchy vibes going on. We love the contrast between black and grey against the romantic hues of the rose.

One Long Line

In the longest gradient tattoo known to humankind, we find this line going all the way up the arm. It starts in green near the shoulder and transitions to purple by the time your eye hits the wrist. Color us impressed.

Medusa Moment

Yes! Yes! Yes! Another green to purple ombré on a very different design, this medusa is one of our very favorite tats on the list. We love the way the color drips down the face giving it an almost watercolor effect. Breathtaking!

Infinitely Inspired

Most often, you’ll find ombré effects applied with a tattoo gun. Here, we find it done with the stick-and-poke method. Can you imagine how many little dots it took to create this very tidy design?

Bye, Then

Someone has had enough! This candy watermelon-colored heart is a triumph.

Art Nouveau, Tho

This tattoo’s design is borrowed from Art Nouveau ginkgo ornamentation. The leaf’s coloring mirrors popular paintings and graphic design of the time.

Pastel Sunset

Nature’s gradient, the sunset, is exquisitely tattooed here with purple, blue, and pink. All of this stunning color is contained inside a very tidy bar. How dreamy!

Mystical Crystals

Okay! Here, we find some glowing crystals in blue, green, and yellow. This person was definitely feeling some good vibes when they decided on this design.


Wow. This is one of the most beautiful mother-daughter tattoos we’ve ever seen. It’s understated, yet warm. We’re in love.

There you go! 25 ombré tattoos with some grade-A gradients. We hope you enjoyed these designs and feel inspired by them for your next tattoo!

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