TikTok Users Are Torn Over These Alleged Text Messages Pamela Anderson Sent Tommy Lee Ahead of Documentary Release

On January 31st, Pamela Anderson released a new memoir – Love, Pamela – and documentary – Pamela, a love story – chronicling her marriage and subsequent divorce to Tommy Lee nearly 25 years ago. Pamela wanted to tell her side of the story, which wasn’t depicted in the 2022 series Pam & Tommy.

She makes several revelations in the documentary. For example, she talks about her distaste over how their marriage ended and confesses that Tommy was the only man she ever truly loved, despite marrying 5 times since the divorce – including Kid Rock, Jon Peters, Dan Hayhurst, and Rick Salomon (twice). 

Meanwhile, Tommy Lee remarried once (in 2019) to Brittany Furlan and the couple have been happily married ever since. In fact, they’re so happy that Furlan appeared to respond to Pamela’s confession in a TikTok that suggested she didn’t care if Pamela died – she deleted the video almost immediately.

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That was just the start of the chaos that ensued on TikTok. One celebrity gossip account, owned by Kyle Marisa Roth, shared a series of text messages that were allegedly sent by Pamela Anderson to Tommy Lee – she said she received photos of the text messages from ‘a source close to a friend’ of Pamela. 

In the messages, Pamela talks about filming the documentary and how heartbreaking it was (in a good way) to relive their marriage from the 1990s. She mentions how happy they used to be, how cute Tommy was around the babies, and how she believes it was the paparazzi that tore their marriage apart. 

She also allegedly tells Tommy that she only has good things to say about him in the documentary, adding it’s ‘very emotional and sweet’ and that, in hindsight, she’s realizing she only had one true love – calling their marriage a ‘true love story.’ She then apologizes for any pain she caused him back then. 

She concluded the text messages by saying there’s no reason to dwell on the negative and how nothing compares to the truth – their truth. “Call me anytime to discuss,” she writes, before sending him a photo of her on Instagram, writing, “We all a little kooky ha Love it all.” Tommy didn’t appear to respond to the text.

TikTok Users Debate Whether Pamela Anderson is Right or Wrong

Ever since the text messages got leaked, users on TikTok have been torn over whether or not Pamela Anderson is out-of-pocket or not. Her loyal fans are arguing that she’s just warning Tommy Lee that she doesn’t attack him in the documentary, while others argue she’s being disrespectful to Brittany Furlan.

“That’s not okay for Pam to be txting those kinda things to a married man. I get where Brit is coming from????” one user commented, while another user said, “I don’t see anything wrong w/Pam’s texts. She and their 2 sons are producing a doc that covers both of their lives, and she’s addressing the themes.”


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To complicate the matter, new reports are suggesting it was Brittany Furlan – Tommy’s current wife – who leaked the messages. One user cited the painted fingernails of the person holding the phone that contained the alleged text messages – adding they’re the same nails Brittany had in a recent TikTok. 

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It’s important to note that these text messages are not confirmed to be from Pamela and there’s a LOT of speculation around the context and contents of the messages. Not only that, but we haven’t heard from Pamela, Tommy, or Brittany, regarding the situation. Nonetheless, Pamela’s doc and book are out now!

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