Parents Impersonate Their Teens in Hilarious New TikTok Challenge

We’re living through strange times when up seems down and down seems up, but there are some things that are eternally universal and one is a parent’s need to mock their teenagers. Kids are now getting a taste of their own medicine thanks to a rising challenge on TikTok where adults imitate their children.

It’s all lighthearted and good-spirited fun and parents are doing an excellent job of understanding “typical” teen behavior and then making fun of it. It’s almost as if parents themselves were teens once too.

In a new TikTok trend, parents poke fun at their teen’s behavior and it’s the most relatable thing you’ll see.


she went crazy with this one

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“my moms impression of me,” this video is captioned. As you can tell from the copious amounts of laughter from the teen filming her mother doing an impression of her, the kids aren’t taking these TikTok videos too personally. While there are some inside jokes in this video, we think that most parents have seen similar behavior from their teens. This mom deserves an Emmy.


my parents pretending to be me. not sure why i want to post this it’s so embarrassing. i swear im not a brat.

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“not sure why I want to post this it’s so embarrassing. I swear Im not a brat,” this teen captioned her TikTok. In this adorable video, both parents get in on the action and don’t hesitate to call out their child’s tendencies. Be sure to watch this one until the end. There’s timely political moment that truly makes it.


i told my mom to pretend to be me

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“I told my mom to pretend to be me,” this teen wrote. We then are treated to her very charismatic mom who does the TikTok equivalent of a roast, dinging her daughter for all manner of behavior. In one instance, she pretends to be her daughter coming home and essentially ignores her but makes time to greet the family dog. In another, the mom makes fun of her teen looking through a full refrigerator and pantry and then declaring “I swear to god, mom! There is nothing! Nothing! Nothing! Nothing in this house to eat!”

One of the best moments of this one is the “What? I’m in school.” Every parent with a teen who is remote learning right now can totally relate.


my mom pretending to be me… ???? @jaaah11 .. i think she’s exaggerating guys..

♬ original sound – autumn <3

“My mom is pretending to be me. I think she’s exaggerating guys,” this teen writes. This mother has a particularly aggro impression of her daughter that seems to center around giant cups of coffee, junk, food, and “trying to make a TikTok.” As with the previous video, we see the mom calling out her daughter for not paying attention to her classwork and instead playing on her phone.


get my mom famous #fyp #foryou #featureme #mom #beme #momanddaughter

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This mother-daughter pair knows a thing or two about the power of editing. We get a pretty clear picture from these two about their dynamic which includes a teen who thinks she’s prepared for everything but who actually is behind on all of her school responsibilities. The mom’s impressions of her daughter complete with some of the funniest eye-rolling we’ve ever seen helps make this one particularly enjoyable.


mom pretends to be me, she had way too much fun with this

♬ original sound – Rachmcnally

“Mom pretends to be me, she had way too much fun with this,” one teen captioned her video. And, it really does seem like this mom went “method” or something. Her physical comedy is on point! There’s a frantic energy that feels so true to how teens experience the world and their reactions to it. We particularly like the multiple times we heard, “Sup!” We also love how this mom called out her daughter for taking her mom’s clothes without permission.

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You asked for part 2????! #momofteens #momofteenageboys #genxmoms #momsover40 #momsover50ontiktok

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Parents aren’t just picking on their daughters. They also do great impressions of teenage boys as well. Here, we find a mom dressed in athletic sweats acting like her very messy, crass, and pyro son. These video was titled, “A day in the life of my 13-year-old son.” This is gold.

Well, this TikTok trend is both hilarious and seems to bring families closer together in that they get to poke a little fun at each other. Tensions can be a bit high right now for families who are cooped up inside a home together. Luckily, they’ve got TikTok to help laugh it away.

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