My Partner’s Poos Stink So Bad and It Is Driving Me Crazy: Advice?

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QUESTION: My Partner’s Poos Stink So, So Bad I’m Losing My Mind: How Can We Solve This Problem?

“My partner has a ‘healthy’ digestive system. He goes daily, and when he does, it is SMELLY. Normally I just deal with it, but I am pregnant again and can smell EVERYTHING.

You can’t even mask smells with me. I suffer from really bad nausea. I have had to be prescribed several different medications just to function. Even on a good day, his ‘breaks’ get to me, but I endure. On a few bad days, he stinks up the apartment (3 bed, 2 baths)!

A family member lives with us and she had one room and one bathroom. So we, of course, share ours. But on his bad days, it can be smelled from the BACK OF THE APARTMENT BY THE DOOR/IN THE LIVING ROOM/KITCHEN. EVERYWHERE. We have talked, and he opens the window, turns on the fan, flushes many times, and sprays air freshener!

I can’t ask him not to poop! But there is nowhere for him to do it. We spat about him pooping while I’m napping because I’m forced out of the room. I had enough. And I came up with all the ideas of what we are doing now. Today I demanded he find another solution because he is not the only one that lives here and it’s not just bothering me.

I am very bothered, though, and it’s making me hate myself because I’m angry over something he can’t control! Am I an a****le for demanding he find a solution to this stinky problem without my help?”

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My Partner's Poos Stink So Bad and It Is Driving Me Crazy: Advice?

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“Are you serious?… YOU are not the only person that lives there. That is his house too. He’s just trying to use the restroom for goodness sake. When he has to use the restroom why don’t you get fresh air and step outside for a moment? Get poo spray. Light a match or a candle. Stand next to an open window.”

“And you’re having a baby? Get ready for those explosive diapers…”

“It’s not him lol. It’s you. Your senses are more sensitive when you’re pregnant. So, of course, his poop probably smells 10x worse than usual because you’re pregnant. The dude has exhausted all options of clearing the smell. Wear nose plugs!”

“Put a small bowl of coffee grounds. It’s help absorb the odor. Change it it ever few days or as needed. I did housekeeping at a hospital and the nurses would do this for patients that had colostomy bags.”

“Yeah it’ll stink but this is all normal lol. Only solution for you, besides leaving the windows open, is to clean the toilet bowl immediately after use. I do this in my house, gets rid of the smell within minutes.”

“Light a match, open windows and flush like he does…. you need to figure out something for you. Put a little toothpaste under your nose or chapstick when he sh*ts. Tricks of the trade working in nursing field emptying colostomy bags.”

“Have you tried burning incense? The good kind from either a smoke shop or a witchy shop? My favorites are at the witchy shops like Ancient Ways. He has no control over this other than his diet. Poor guy.”

“Um yeah you are. The man can’t help it. If you can’t deal with this, I dunno how you’re gonna handle a baby sh*tting on you or up its back and into its hair, throwing up on you or in your hands so it does t go everywhere. There’s plenty of nasty stuff being a mom. If you can’t handle your mans stink for 10 mins til it goes away, you have a problem.”

“Everybody’s poop stinks. I’m sure yours doesn’t smell like roses. I feel sorry for this poor man having to deal with this lol.”

“Light a match. That’s what they do at my office. The poop-drop stuff or spray as well. Vicks under your nose or something. Go for a walk even, while he goes. I get it makes you sick or whatever, but I wouldn’t keep on, he has feelings and you may be creating a bigger problem with all the fussing over something he literally has to do. Hopefully, it goes away with birth because small kids smell awful sometimes too. Good luck.”

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