Pat Sajak Playfully Wrestles ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant, Who Happens to be a Professional Wrestler, After a Perfect Game

Pat Sajak loves to have some fun while hosting the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ game show – something he has been doing for more than 40 years. He always finds a way to keep things interesting and knows how to get a chuckle out of his contestants – and the millions of viewers who tune in every day of the week. 

While he’s full of surprises, Sajak was the one who was left surprised this week after a contestant completed a rarely-spectacular perfect game – which means he solved every single puzzle that was put in front of him. That’s right, neither of the other two contestants got a single puzzle, right – isn’t that crazy? 

The contestant was Fred Fletcher Jackson – a drama teacher, bar trivia host, and professional wrestler. During his introduction, Sajak asked Fred if he actually gets paid to wrestle – to which Fred replied, “Very little, but I do it for the fun.” Little did he know that Sajak would have some wrestling moves for him later. 

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At one point during the show, in the midst of Fred’s incredible winning streak, Pat Sajak asked the other two contestants if they wanted him to body slam Fred. “Just because he’s a professional wrestler, do you want me to body slam him for you?” he asked – adding that sometimes contestants get on a hot streak. 

By the end of the main round, Fred had already pocketed $35,800 as he entered the bonus round. While standing at the bonus wheel with Fred, Pat Sajak said, “It very rarely happens that we get someone who just swept everything; make it a clean sweep by getting this bonus round.” And that’s exactly what he did.

His category was ‘Phrase’, and he was given the following letters: H*S **ND *S **NDER*NG. He tried ‘His Mind Is Pondering’ and ‘His Mind Is Wondering,’ but neither of them were the correct answer. With time winding down, he got it – ‘His Mind Is Wandering.’ He gasped when he saw he had won an extra $40,000.

After a brief celebration, Pat Sajak came running into the camera frame and puts Fred into a hammerlock by grabbing his arm, bending it behind his back, and placing his hand over Fred’s mouth. Fred played it off well, knowing he was beat and Sajak got the better of him – still, Fred left with $75,800 in total!

Fred Fletcher Jackson Gives Props to Pat Sajak

In the wake of his perfect Wheel of Fortune game, Fred Fletcher Jackson reflected on his experience in a post-game interview on The Spin with Maggie Sajak – the 28-year-old daughter of Pat Sajak. He said he was ‘shell-shocked’ at his performance and said it would be a good day if he won more than $1,000. 

“I’ve got 75 times that, and I just can’t comprehend that number,” he said – adding that he didn’t expect to get a sweep because he did awful at the toss-ups in his practice. “My mom says that my first words ever were, ‘Buy a vowel,’” and that Wheel of Fortune was at the top of his ‘dream-come-true scenarios.’

He gave a quick shout-out to China, one of his first-grade students, for making him a bracelet – which he wore during the game – and also expressed how grateful he was for the winnings – adding that teachers don’t get paid enough. He was also surprised to see his dad there since he was told he wouldn’t make it.

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As for the wrestling move by Pat Sajak, Fred gave credit where credit was due. “He got me genuinely. I was trying to counter his hammerlock that he had me in. I was trying to get behind him, and I wasn’t going anywhere,” he said. It was an exciting moment after just the second perfect game of the season.

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