Parents Speak Out After Terrifying Video of Little Boy Being Sucked Into a Peloton Treadmill Goes Viral

A recall could be on the horizon for one of Peloton’s ultra-popular Tread+ treadmills after a disturbing video shows a boy being sucked underneath the piece of workout equipment. The video, released over the weekend by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), was shared with guidance urging all parents to cease use of the treadmill right away.

Peloton pushed back against the federal safety recall. Its leaders say that owners of the treadmill should be cautious with children and small pets around the machine and advised users to store the equipment properly to prevent injury.

A Video Released by the CPSC Went Viral Due to the Disturbing Footage of a Child Being Sucked Under a Peloton Treadmill. See The Scary Incident Below:

CPSC / YouTube

The video begins with two unnamed children playing near the Tread+. A little girl can be seen walking backward on the treadmill while a little boy plays with an inflatable ball near the edge of the equipment, near the belt.

The innocent scene quickly turns much darker as the treadmill grabs hold of the ball, and with it, the young boy’s arm. As he struggles to free himself, his sister’s hops off the machine and runs for help. At that point, the boy is nearly completed dragged underneath the Peloton machine. It’s gut-wrenching.

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Parents Speak Out After Terrifying Video of Little Boy Being Sucked Into a Peloton Treadmill Goes Viral
CPSC / YouTube

Thankfully, the boy does eventually free himself from the Tread+’s grip. According to Peloton’s website, the piece of heavy-duty equipment weighs in at 455 pounds which would pose a significant risk for any children or animals who find themselves beneath one. The little boy in the video was lucky, but other children have not been so fortunate.

The CPSC claimed in its release that a total of 39 incidents have been reported. While some pets have been harmed, the majority of injuries have happened to children who get to close to the treadmill while it runs. Most cases are simply burns or lacerations from the belt, but a death has also occurred.

Parents Speak Out After Terrifying Video of Little Boy Being Sucked Into a Peloton Treadmill Goes Viral
CPSC / YouTube

As we reported last month, Peloton’s CEO, John Foley, issued a statement following the tragic death of a child with the treadmill. “I’m reaching out to you today because I recently learned about a tragic accident involving a child and the Tread+, resulting in, unthinkably, a death,” Foley said in the statement. “I can’t tell you how much this news and horrible reality has hit me personally and our entire team at Peloton.”

While the injuries and death involved the treadmill the brand does not see a full recall fitting. Instead, they want consumers to be more careful around all Peloton machines.

WHAS11 / YouTube

“In order to help ensure that you and your family members stay safe with Peloton products in your home, we need your help,” the CEO advised. “This is especially true during what I hope is the final stretch of the pandemic where everyone is still at home.”

“When you finish a workout on your Tread+, remove the safety key and store it out of reach of children and anyone else who should not be able to start the Tread+,” he continued.

The CPSC suggests you go even further: “Use the product only in a locked room, to prevent access to children and pets while the treadmill is in use.”

In addition, parents should “Keep all objects, including exercise balls and other equipment, away from the treadmill.”

Naturally, Parents Have Concerns About the Safety of These Machines and Their Small Children as Many Were Rattled by the Video Released by CPSC.

Aside from the shock that’s been universally expressed about the video, others want more safety guards.

“There should be a resistance sensor with automatic shutoff if unusual resistance is felt,” tweeted a concerned viewer.

“I’m betting that somewhere there is an email where a designer expressed concern about the safety of this product, but decision makers didn’t like the safety solution,” another speculated.

Parents Speak Out After Terrifying Video of Little Boy Being Sucked Into a Peloton Treadmill Goes Viral

While most of the commentary skewed negative for Peloton, some thought personal responsibility was the solution instead of a recall.

“Any treadmill will eat a small dog or baby,” one person wrote on Twitter. “We close that room off to the dog. We use a child safety gate. The problem is not really the product, these things have been dangerous for 50 years or longer, the problem is stupid people.”

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Parents Speak Out After Terrifying Video of Little Boy Being Sucked Into a Peloton Treadmill Goes Viral

As the debate online continues to rage on, we urge all parents to make the right safety choices for their families. That could be getting rid of the treadmill altogether, as any treadmill is rather dangerous for kids. But, locking the treadmill in a secure room, when not in use, seems like a good option to keep pets and our little ones safe.

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