25 Poetic Baby Boy Names Inspired by Great Writers and Their Enduring Works of Art

With word names Poem and Poet heating up as given names and the rise of Ancient poetry-linked names like Homer and Virgil also getting some love from new parents today, it’s time we talk about names for boys inspired by poetry. Whether are a poet yourself or just love poetry, you don’t really need an excuse to choose a baby name for your son that reflects your love of romance and art. And, there are tons of good options for you to consider!

Now, there are a couple of ways to find poetry-inspired baby names. First, you can look to the art form itself to find inspiration, meaning the actual structure of poems and terms associated with its writing. Second, you can look for names that have poetry in their meaning. For instance, there are a few names of Irish origin meaning “poet.” Third, you can turn to your favorite poet and adopt their name for your baby boy.

There’s no right or wrong way but each type celebrates the magnificence of poetry in unique ways. Below you will find names from each of these categories. Take a look and you just might find the perfect name for your little boy!


Poetry Baby Boy Names

Celebrities, Soleil Moon Frye, Teresa Palmer, Kasey Chambers, and Shane Nicholson, all chose the name Poet for their children. Now, the name was given to little girls in all cases but we think there is plenty of potential for the name to work for boys as well. To us, Poet should be considered a unisex name and given to as many babies as possible!


Poetry Baby Boy Names

If Poet was too in your face, consider something slightly more complex. Bard is an Irish form of the name while Baird is the Scottish spelling, both mean “poet.” It’s a great one to use if you are a lover of Shakespeare which you can place upfront or use as a middle name. Despite being well-known the name has gone virtually unused in the US.


Poetry Baby Boy Names

With names like Ryder and Riley becoming established, it feels there is space for Rhymer as a boy’s name. Rhyme is an English word name that offers a poetic feel appealing to lovers of lyric poetry. We expect this name to gain traction over the next several years but, for now, it would be a very unique option.


Poetry Baby Boy Names

Bolan is one of the best Irish names for boys that you have never heard. The name means “little poet.” Parents with Irish heritage love choosing names of Irish origin for their children and Bolan feels like an option with seriously untapped potential in the US.


Poetry Baby Boy Names

Yet another Irish name, Devin means “poet.” The unisex name is very popular but it has been sliding down the popularity charts in recent years. We think there’s plenty of life left in this charming appellation.


Poetry Baby Boy Names

Haiku names a Japanese form of poetry consisting of three lines with seventeen syllables total. We all learned and fell in love with these types of poems in school and we think Haiku totally works as a name for boys. Only time will tell if parents will agree, but it would be a playful and handsome choice.


Poetry Baby Boy Names

Kavi is a name of Sanskrit origin that means “poet” and “sage.” Despite being more established than some of the previous options we shared with you, Kavi has never been a popular name in the US. We believe this should change!


Poetry Baby Boy Names

Limerick names a storied place in Ireland but also a unique form of poetry. A limerick is an often humorous form of poetry with five lines the last of which is a punchline. If you have Irish heritage or a great sense of humor, this could be the right choice for your son and the most interesting vehicle to take you to the nickname, Rick.


Poetry Baby Boy Names

Pronounced REAR-den, Riordan could prove tricky when it comes to pronunciation. We think it’s worth the hassle of having to correct a few folks. The name is of Irish origin and means “royal poet” and “bard.” It’s been well used in its native land but most American parents do not know about this treasure of a name.


Poetry Baby Boy Names

Pronounced RUW-nah, Runo is another poetic name that will likely be tricky for Americans to say. The name for boys is of Finnish origin and means “poem.” This is an appellation for adventurous new parents who would like to push the envelope.


Poetry Baby Boy Names

Tadhg is pronounced ti-gue and it is a wildly popular choice in Ireland and England today. The name means “poet.” If the spelling and pronunciation seem tricky, we urge you to try Tadhg’s cousin name, Teague.


Poetry Baby Boy Names

Teague is a Scottish name that means “poet” and its pronunciation is much more apparent with this spelling. Teague is not nearly as popular as Tadhg in the UK but it might be the right choice for American parents. We love a unique, single-syllable name and Teague is one of the very best.


Poetry Baby Boy Names

Virgil feels like a vintage option today as it fell from favor in the early 1990s. Before that, the name enjoyed decades of popularity. We think it’s time for this name to make a comeback. Virgil is a name of Latin origin that means “staff bearer.” Virgil is one of the most celebrated ancient Roman poets. He wrote during the first century and his most cherished work is the influential epic, Aeneid.


Poetry Baby Boy Names

Auden is an English surname that has been heating up as a given option. Auden is a unisex choice and it means “old friend.” British-American poet W.H. Auden modernized in technicality and style poetry in the early and mid-20th century. “Funeral Blues” is one of his very best and is widely considered a triumph.

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Poetry Baby Boy Names

Clearly, this name has been inspired by Henry David Thoreau. The Transcendentalism philosopher and poet celebrated nature and even civil liberties in his works. Thoreau would definitely be seen as a hero name to honor the writer. The name is of French origin and means “bull strength.”


Poetry Baby Boy Names

Byron is a name of English origin that means “cows’ barn.” Byron has been a popular given name in the US ever since records of baby names began in 1880. What a surprise! Lord Byron is one of the best-known English poets of the Romantic movement. His long-form narrative poems like Don Juan are still taught and read widely today.


Poetry Baby Boy Names

Nash is an English name that means “dweller by the ash trees.” The name has really taken off in the US in recent decades with parents finding themselves attracted to its rugged charms. Ogden Nash grew famous for his unconventional rhyming schemes and light, humorous poetry. If Nash is too popular for you, consider Ogden. It is also a name of English origin and it means “from the oak valley.”


Poetry Baby Boy Names

Pablo is the Spanish form of Paul and means “small.” The name has been a popular choice in the US for almost 150 years now! Pablo has many famous namesakes but for our purposes, we look to Pablo Neruda. Neruda was a highly influential poet from Chile and is regarded as one of the most important Latin American poets of the 20th century.


Poetry Baby Boy Names

Frost has emerged as a mildly popular winter baby name although most are used to seeing it as a surname. Frost is of English origin and the surname does indeed mean “freezing.” Who has not loved escaping into one of Robert Frost‘s rugged yet beautiful poems about rural life? He became so popular in his time he was considered a literary institution winning countless awards for his brilliant poetry.


Poetry Baby Boy Names

Dante has been a popular name for boys in the US, especially since the 1970s. It is a Latinate form of the name Durant which means “enduring.” The medieval Florentine poet Dante Alighieri is so famed that he is known mononymously as Dante. The writer’s Divine Comedy is widely considered the most important written work of the middle ages.


Poetry Baby Boy Names

Countee Cullen was one of the most important voices of the Harlem Renaissance. He and his contemporaries worked tirelessly to change the racist, image projected onto Black Americans through his humanist poetry. Cullen is a name of Irish origin that means “holly tree.” Cullen as a given name has had its ups and downs through the years but it is firmly in the top 1000 most popular names for boys today.


Poetry Baby Boy Names

Is Dryden too much name for a baby boy to shoulder? We absolutely think it should be considered. The name is of English origin and means “dry valley.” John Dryden was the dominant literary figure and influence of his age. He launched the heroic couplet as a standard form of English poetry by writing successful satires, religious pieces, fables, epigrams, compliments, prologues, and plays. Many poets and scholars consider Dryden’s innovations to be wildly influential on the poetry that followed his.


Poetry Baby Boy Names

The great Black Harlem Renaissance writer Langston Hughes put this name on the map! Actor Laurence Fishburne adopted it for his now-grown son, born in 1987. Despite these popular associations, the name didn’t make it into the US top 1000 until 2013. Hughes was born James Mercer Langston Hughes, Langston being his mother’s maiden name. Langston is an English name that is curiously rare in the UK that means “tall man’s town.”


Poetry Baby Boy Names

Homer is a stunning boy name that has traveled from the ancient Greek poet of the great classical epics to a long-running animated comedy in the US. Homer fell from favor in the 1980s and it is rarely used today by new parents. That’s beginning to change! Expect to see this name returning to the US top 1000 most popular name for boys in the next couple of years. Homer has Greek origins and means “security.”

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Poetry Baby Boy Names

Ovid was a mildly popular given name in the US in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The name is of Latin origin but the appellation’s meaning is not clear. It could be related to “sheep.” Publius Ovidius Naso (known as Ovid in English) was a first-century Roman poet and contemporary of Horace (also a great option) and Virgil. Of the three, he wrote more about love and romance than the others. Ovid is a fine name and would make a great alternative to the ubiquitous name, Oliver.

Wow! What did you think of these poetry baby names for boys? We hope you found some to be worthy of your attention. Turning to your passions is a great way to find baby name inspiration. If poetry happens to be yours, you have seen that you’re in luck! Now, if you are still searching for more baby boy names, keep reading. We have rounded up some Bohemian appellations that you will likely find intriguing as well.

Discover the Most Evocative and Handsome Bohemian Baby Boy Names Below:

25. Albus

25 Bohemian Baby Names for Boys That Are Whimsical Yet Classic

We, somehow, completely forgot that this name was used for Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore in the Harry Potter books. The name proceeds the Potter by a few centuries when it was used by the ancient Romans. Albus means “bright.”

24. Amias

25 Bohemian Baby Names for Boys That Are Whimsical Yet Classic

Amias is a handsome, secular name that sounds biblical but it’s not. The name actually comes from a surname that’s related to Amadeus. The name is currently having a moment as it has cracked the top 1000 most popular names for boys in the US. This charming name means “loved.”

23. Bear

25 Bohemian Baby Names for Boys That Are Whimsical Yet Classic

Bear is a name that peaked just out of the top 200 a few years ago. Now, it sits at 896. While its popularity has faded a bit, we think it’s a perfectly cute and fun name for a baby boy.

22. Benno

25 Bohemian Baby Names for Boys That Are Whimsical Yet Classic

If Bear is too on the nose for you, you could always go with the German name Benno instead. Benno also means “bear” but has the lovely sound of names like Benjamin and Ben. This would be a very cool and offbeat choice!

21. Cassius

25 Bohemian Baby Names for Boys That Are Whimsical Yet Classic

Cassius is a storied ancient Roman name that’s enjoying favor once more! Cassius has Latin origins and means “hollow.” This name sounds so sophisticated without being stuffy which we really love.

20. Clyde

25 Bohemian Baby Names for Boys That Are Whimsical Yet Classic

Clyde is a name that carries jazzy coolness along with it. The name relates to the River Clyde that runs through Glasgow, Scotland. It was a top 100 name in the US through the 1930s and has made a comeback in the last few years reentering the top 1000 in 2013 where it has stayed. We love this casual, outlaw name.

19. Cosmo

25 Bohemian Baby Names for Boys That Are Whimsical Yet Classic

Cosmo is a charming and very fun Italian and Greek name that means “order.” If you’re a parent who loves looking at the night sky, consider this fresh name for your sun.

18. Enzo

25 Bohemian Baby Names for Boys That Are Whimsical Yet Classic

Enzo is the preferred Italian form of Heinz, a German name that means “estate ruler.” The name is in the top 250 in the US and it’s even more popular in France right now. Enzo sounds so effortless and chill. We think a baby boy would do well with the energy this name imparts.

17. Felix

25 Bohemian Baby Names for Boys That Are Whimsical Yet Classic

Felix was originally a Roman surname but was adopted as a nickname by the ancient Roman Sulla, who believed that he was blessed with luck by the gods. The name has Latin origins and means “fortunate.” You’ll find many a Felix today as you would have throughout US history. It’s been a top 500 name since recordkeeping began.

16. Florian

25 Bohemian Baby Names for Boys That Are Whimsical Yet Classic

Parents in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland all love the name Florian but it has not taken hold yet in the US. We think that’s a shame. This name means “flowering.” With its trendy Latinate ending we foresee this name popping up on the top 1000 before too long.

15. Fox

25 Bohemian Baby Names for Boys That Are Whimsical Yet Classic

Like Bear, Fox is a wonderful animal name that parents are using a good bit today. While many will think of a certain character from The X-Files, we tend to picture someone named Fox as bookish and intellectual.

14. Hale

25 Bohemian Baby Names for Boys That Are Whimsical Yet Classic

Hale is a very English name that means “someone who lives in the hollow.” This name sounds hearty and accessible! You’ll find this name more common as a surname in the US, but we think it’s got big first name potential.

13. Hopper

25 Bohemian Baby Names for Boys That Are Whimsical Yet Classic

Hopper is an English and Dutch occupational name that means “hop grower.” This spirited name sounds literary and contemporary at the same time. This would be the perfect name for a lively little boy.

12. Idris

25 Bohemian Baby Names for Boys That Are Whimsical Yet Classic

Idris is an absolute stunner of a name that has origins in both Welsh and Arabic. In Wales, you’ll find the name as it describes “a lord.” In Arabic, the name is associated with studying and therefore means “studious.”

11. Jago

25 Bohemian Baby Names for Boys That Are Whimsical Yet Classic

Jago is a name that’s got roots in both Spanish and Cornish. It’s a form of the Hebrew name Jacob which means “supplanter.” The name can be pronounced jay-go or yay-go. You get to pick!

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10. Jupiter

25 Bohemian Baby Names for Boys That Are Whimsical Yet Classic

Name your son Jupiter and call him Jupe for short. How does that sound? This Roman name has roots in ancient mythology, of course. It means “father Zeus.”

9. Keanu

25 Bohemian Baby Names for Boys That Are Whimsical Yet Classic

It’s not just for Keanu Reeves! Keanu is a wonderful Hawaiin name that’s completely accessible. It has about the most bohemian meaning you could ever imagine: “cool breeze over the mountains.” The name is currently in the top 1000 after first appearing on the list in the early 1990s.

8. Leopold

25 Bohemian Baby Names for Boys That Are Whimsical Yet Classic

Leopold is an appealing German name that means “brave people.” Leopold sounds very serious, which we rather like for a cute baby. However, this name has the added benefit of the Leo nickname.

7. Nile

25 Bohemian Baby Names for Boys That Are Whimsical Yet Classic

Nile is a name that refers to the Egyptian river. The Greek name means “river.” However, the name is also a form of Irish Gaelic Niall. Nile was a popular name at the turn of the last century but it’s practically unheard in the US today. Bring it back!

6. Oak

25 Bohemian Baby Names for Boys That Are Whimsical Yet Classic

We’re going to tick some of you off, but we can’t stand the name Oakley as a first. Leave it as a surname, please! We are rather fond of the name Oak, however. This nature name refers to the great tree and we love its beautiful simplicity.

5. Osian

25 Bohemian Baby Names for Boys That Are Whimsical Yet Classic

Osian or Oisin is popular in Irish mythology as the name belonged to a renowned warrior poet. Osian is popular in modern Wales and England. Osian is the Welsh form and it’s pronounced o-SHAN. Be prepared for most people to mistake the name for “ocean,” but that’s not really a bad thing.

4. Otto

25 Bohemian Baby Names for Boys That Are Whimsical Yet Classic

Otto is a name that’s been used by parents for centuries in the US. During the first two World Wars, the name fell out of favor, but it bounced back and it’s now in the top 500. The name has German origins and means “wealthy.”

3. Rafi

25 Bohemian Baby Names for Boys That Are Whimsical Yet Classic

Rafi can come from the Spanish variation of Raphael and mean “God has healed.” Or, it can be considered a shortened form of the Arabic Rafiq which means “friend.” Either way, your son will be in good hands with the name Rafi.

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2. Sayer

25 Bohemian Baby Names for Boys That Are Whimsical Yet Classic

Sayer is an Old English occupational name that means “woodcutter” or “reciter.” Sayer is related to the name Sawyer and we think it’s the more unique of the two. You won’t find this name at the top of the charts, or on them at all, in the US.

1. Ziggy

25 Bohemian Baby Names for Boys That Are Whimsical Yet Classic

Ziggy is of German origin and it’s a form of the names Sigfried and Sigmund. It means “victorious people.” Most will associate the name with the alter ego of David Bowie, Ziggy Stardust. There’s also a Ziggy Marley who has brought this name favor. We love it!

There you go! 25 bohemian baby names for boys that are as sophisticated as they are classy. We hope you feel inspired by these names and will choose one for your little artist.

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