Fiancée Asks If She’s Wrong For Getting Mad at Future Husband For Going Along With Colleague’s Jokes About His ‘Work Wife’

One Reddit user is wondering if she’s being too sensitive after she heard her fiancé and his colleagues joking about him and his “work wife” during a remote meeting. As the woman began her post by revealing that she has known about his partner at work, who is a woman named Megan, for a while now. The Reddit user said that because her fiancé and Megan have similar responsibilities within their company they often “need to work together as a team.” Prior to her fiancé working from home due to COVID-19, she admitted that she’s “never had any problems with this” because “they don’t really interact outside of work.” YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: Naked Mom Flashes 7-Year-Old’s Friends Via Zoom And Her Confession Goes Viral But then came their weekly Zoom meeting, one of which she was in the living room with her husband to overhear. “During that meeting, people began talking about what they wanted to do when everyone returned to the office. I could hear someone say that my fiancé and Megan must really miss each other. Several other people began referring to them as ‘work wife’ and work husband.’ Then someone suggested that my fiancé and Megan

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Dad-To-Be, Who Raised His Younger Sister, Storms Out of Doctor's Appointment After Learning Wife's Pregnant With a Baby Girl
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Dad-To-Be, Who Raised His Younger Sister, Storms Out of Doctor’s Appointment After Learning Wife’s Pregnant With a Baby Girl

According to a 28-year-old anonymous Reddit user, her 33-year-old husband was not happy when they learned the sex of their unborn child. And as the mom-to-be’s post explained, she and her husband have been together since college. The couple didn’t do anything special when it came to learning the gender of their first child. Instead, they opted for the simple way of finding out with their doctor telling them at their most recent appointment. However, the expectant mom was not expecting the reaction the dad-to-be had to the news that they were having a baby girl. “When the doctor told us we were having a girl I could see her jaw quite literally drop at the expression on my husband’s face,” she wrote. YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: New Dad Asks Reddit ‘AITA’ After He Used a Women’s Restroom to Change His Newborn Son’s Diaper “He dropped the papers he was holding and walked out.” After learning the sex of their child, the Reddit user said the future dad didn’t talk to her for the rest of the day. It wasn’t until they sat down for dinner that she addressed her husband. She told him that “if he was only planning

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