powerpuff girls names and others like them

Powerpuff Girls Names and Others Like Them

What are the Powerpuff Girls names? The Powerpuff Girls names are Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. The Powerpuff Girls first premiered in 1998 and they have captured hearts ever since. These tenacious sisters who were accidentally created in a lab by Professor Utonium were always fiercely protective of each other and made the best team as they fought baddies like Mojo Jojo, the Gangreen Gang, and Him.

Blossom is the self-described leader of the trio and you can always count on Bubbles to be doing the most while being cute and Buttercup, despite her sweet name, is always the tough one who is not afraid of any evildoers. The animated series is such a blast. We wanted to discuss the Powerpuff Girls names and decided to look at their origins and other names like them for you to consider. Take a look at our special finds!

Let’s Take a Look at the Powerpuff Girls Names and Others That Are Similar!


powerpuff girls names

Blossom, one of the most accessible of the Powerpuff Girls names, was once a popular choice for baby girls born in the US. However, that was 100 years ago! It had its most popular year in 1925 and we think it’s time for a comeback. Blossom is a name of English origin that means “to bloom.”


powerpuff girls names

The least historically used name of the Powerpuff Girls names is Bubbles. Parents like see this option as a bit too fleeting. Bubble was first used in Middle English and it was an alteration of the word burble. You will have to look very hard to find any folks with the name Bubbles!


powerpuff girls names

Buttercup is a sort of middle-ground for Powerpuff Girls names. Buttercup, like Blossom, is a flower name that describes a “yellow wildflower.” The name has been popular in pop culture and literature, more so than as a name used by real-life parents. The name belongs to a princess in The Princess Bride, the name of a cat in The Hunger Games, and the name of a male unicorn in Toy Story 3.


powerpuff girls names

Now, let’s move on to appellations that are similar to the Powerpuff Girls names. Sage is an ancient one from Latin that describes a “wise” person. Sage also names a tasty herb. The name is more popular in the US today than ever before!


powerpuff girls names

Poppy has been a favorite in the UK for generations and it only recently crossed the pond, ranking in the US top-1000 most popular names for girls in 2016. It’s on the upward climb today. The name is English from Latin and means “red flower.”


powerpuff girls names

Again, Saffron is more popular in the UK than in the US. It’s a lovely spice name and color name that describes a yellow hue. It’s one of the sugar, spice, and everything nice names that we’d love to hear more of in the US today.


powerpuff girls names

One of the most popular appellations similar to the Powerpuff Girls names is Rose. It’s been a top-500 name since records begin in the 1880s. Rose is a name of Latin origin and it means exactly what you think it does!


powerpuff girls names

Daffodil is a flower name of Greek origin that describes an “asphodel.” Despite belonging to such a cheery flower, Daffodil has never been seen as an accessible choice in the US and abroad. You can choose this charmer as a unique option for your daughter.


powerpuff girls names

In Greek mythology, Iris is the goddess of the rainbow. Thus, the name Iris means “rainbow.” The name evokes images of the majestic flower and the color purple. We feel like Iris is a true spiritual cousin to the other Powerpuff Girls names.


powerpuff girls names

Despite being a fairly popular option in the UK and Australia today, Indigo has yet to charm American parents. Indigo is a name derived from Greek and means “Indian dye.” The name originated as the bluish-purple import from India to Greece and beyond.


powerpuff girls names

One of the cool-girl Powerpuff Girls names, Domino originated in Latin and means “lord” or “master.” It’s a unisex name that we think works best for girls. As with many names on this list, it’s more common in the UK than in the US.


powerpuff girls names

Clementine was considered too old-fashioned for a baby girl from the 1950s until the 2000s in the US. Things have begun to change for this name and it’s now a popular choice for baby girls born today. While the name might make you think of citrus, the name comes from French by way of Latin and means “mild” and “merciful.”


powerpuff girls names

Violet is one of the most popular names for girls born today. That makes it one of the most popular appellations that sounds like the Powerpuff Girls names. The color and flower name is English from Latin and means “purple.”


powerpuff girls names

Quince is a rare name today that names an “apple-like fruit.” Quince comes from Latin and it was considered by the ancient Romans to be a symbol of fertility.

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powerpuff girls names

Daisy is a perennial favorite among flower names. The name is of English origin and means “day’s eye” a reference to the flower blooming because it opens its petals at daybreak.


powerpuff girls names

Almond is one of the most offbeat of the Powerpuff Girls names on this list. Despite it not being a popular choice we think the appellation has a lot of potential for a baby girl.


powerpuff girls names

Beyonce and Jay-Z brought attention to the potential of Blue as a name after choosing the name Blue Ivy for their baby girl. The name has yet to rank in the US top-1000 yet but we expect that to change in the coming years.


powerpuff girls names

Crystal was one of the hottest baby names of the 1980s but today, it would make for an unexpected choice as parents have largely abandoned this appellation. Crystal is a sweet little gem name that we think works alongside the Powerpuff Girls names.


powerpuff girls names

Emerald is the attractive color and jewel name of the deep green stone treasured as far back as ancient Egypt. In fact, the word emerald likely comes from Persian and means “green.” The name has been a mildly popular choice off and on for the last thirty years in the US. Doesn’t it sound like one of the Powerpuff Girls names?


powerpuff girls names

Fern saw its most popular year as a name for baby girls way back in 1916! It’s gone virtually unused since the 1960s here. It’s more popular in the UK and we hope the name makes a comeback in the US. Fern’s history as a name comes from the English tradition of habitational names. Thus, the name means “from the place of the ferns.”


powerpuff girls names

Honey sounds like a name that’s just as sweet as Buttercup. The name is considered too sweet by most American parents and it has never been fashionable here, despite its popularity in the UK. We think Honey sounds like a cousin to those Powerpuff Girls names.


powerpuff girls names

Goldie has not been a popular choice in the US for the last 70 years! It once was widely used. It’s considered an Anglicized form of the Yiddish names Golde and Golda. It means exactly what you think it does! Let’s bring this one back!


powerpuff girls names

Petal is an English name from a Greek root that means “leaf.” Petal feels like a perfect sister name to Blossom (except it would be better if it also started with B). Unfortunately, the name has not appealed to many parents both in the UK and the US.


powerpuff girls names

Pearl is a delightfully vintage-sounding appellation that is making a comeback today. Pearl originated in Latin as a gem name. It was once a top-50 choice back in the 1880s and 1890s we hope it eclipses that popularity in the coming years. It’s such a delight!

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powerpuff girls names

Our final appellation, that feels like it could be related to the Powerpuff Girls names, is Jewel. Jewel has had its ups and downs over the years. We think parents should return to this generic gem name. It’s a real treasure.

There you go! Now you know the Powerpuff Girls names and others that are similar to them. These amazing animated characters have inspired generations of young people to fight for what they believe in. You might want to use a name inspired by Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup for your little one!

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