is it possible to get pregnant a week after a miscarriage?

Is It Possible to Get Pregnant a Week After a Miscarriage?

A mom writes in asking for advice about getting pregnant after a miscarriage. She says she suffered a miscarriage “about a week ago” when she was about 8 or 9 weeks along. She is wondering if it is possible to get pregnant again now, about a week after the miscarriage. She says she was told to wait to get pregnant again, but she wants to hear from the community of moms about how soon after a miscarriage you can get pregnant and whether anyone has been through a similar experience.

7 beautifully devastating — but ultimately empowering — songs about the pain of miscarriage

7 Beautifully Devastating — But Ultimately Empowering — Songs About the Pain of Miscarriage

Miscarriage is one of the most difficult and painful things a parent — and a mother, specifically — can go through. It is often hard to find the words to express the pain of losing your child before you even have a chance to meet them. It is brutal. It is devastating. It feels like the world is ending. If you’ve suffered one, or know someone who has, you know this to be true.

kimberly van der beek opens up about blood transfusions after miscarrying at 17 weeks

Kimberly Van Der Beek Opens Up About Blood Transfusions After Miscarrying at 17 Weeks

Days after her husband, former Dancing With the Stars contestant James Van Der Beek revealed that she had endured another miscarriage, Kimberly Van Der Beek is opening up about the experience in her own words. As fans of DWTS and Van Der Beek family know, while James competed on the show, Kimberly suffered a miscarriage at 17 weeks pregnant. Several months later, James shared that his wife experienced similar circumstances in June 2020. “This time, we kept the news to ourselves,” he wrote, in part, on Instagram. “But last weekend, once again, 17 weeks in… the soul we’d been excited to welcome into the world had lessons for our family that did not include joining us in a living physical body.” RELATED: DWTS Alum James Van Der Beek Shares His Wife Kimberly Suffered Another Devasting Miscarriage at 17 Weeks Now Kimberly Van Der Beek is sharing her experiences as well. Along with a video of her recovering from one of the two brutal blood transfusions she endured over the last seven months, Kimberly shared how she was feeling as she continues to recover. The video was taken just seconds after arriving in the ER. “A few seconds from my trip …

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jinger duggar vuolo opens up about the day she learned she miscarriage a child in november 2019

Jinger Duggar Vuolo Opens Up About the Day She Learned She Miscarriage a Child in November 2019

On May 28, Jinger Dugger Vuolo and Jeremy Vuolo announced that they are expecting their second child together nearly two years after welcoming their first child, Felicity, in 2018. The couple who has been married since 2016 also revealed that they are expecting another baby girl. At the time, Jinger wrote on Instagram, “We are so excited to announce that we’re expecting a little girl this November! Jeremy and I both guessed it was a girl, just a gut feeling we had. And we couldn’t be happier.” RELATED: Jinger Duggar Vuolo Reveals She’s Pregnant With Baby Number Two After Experiencing a Miscarriage Last Fall Then, as Mamas Uncut previously reported, in an exclusive interview with People, Jinger and Jeremy revealed that they endured a miscarriage late last fall of 2019. Following that interview, Jinger opened about that difficult period in their lives on Instagram one day later. “I’m excited! Yet, the overwhelming feelings of joy and anticipation that I’m feeling today are a sharp reminder of the overwhelming feelings of sadness and loss I felt last November,” Jinger shared on Instagram. Jinger Duggar Shares Intimate Details of the Moment She Learned She Miscarried. The soon-to-be mom of two then went …

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does anyone have advice on getting pregnant after multiple miscarriages?

Does Anyone Have Advice on Getting Pregnant After Multiple Miscarriages?

A woman writes in asking for advice about getting pregnant after experiencing several miscarriages. This woman recently suffered her third miscarriage, and though she is still processing the trauma, she is also ready to try again. She turns to the community for advice, asking specifically if other women who have experienced a similar difficult pregnancy journey have any tips or would be willing to share what they did differently when they were eventually able to carry to term.