Pregnancy Aches and Pains

This pregnancy is a lot harder than my first: Advice?

Hey mommas. This is my second pregnancy, and its A LOT harder than the first. I’m usually an active person. I like sports and played basketball until I was 4.5 months pregnant (like a drop in I ran pretty good), but this pregnancy, I can’t even run. Due to the painfulness of having what feels and what I guess is a strained groin. I’ve been limited to do doing so much less. Literally laying in bed in the wrong position can have me sore all day. Sitting down too long can make me sore. I sat in a truck to travel an hour to another town to shop and back home, and the amount of pain led me to cry. Getting out of bed is a struggle. I couldn’t even go bowling without ending up in pain later the whole night. Switching sides from left to right during the night hurts. I do stretch every day; i do take a decently warm bath. I have a heated bean bag. It’s just been such a toll on me, especially this past week. It’s making me feel sad alone. I want to enjoy going out AT LEAST to dinner without wanting to …

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I am pregnant and every time I sit down my hip pops out of place: Advice?

So as of tomorrow I’ll be 17 weeks along, and I’m a FTM but everytime I sit down bend down or anything like that my left hip pops out of place and at times it’s so bad that I want to cry if my left foot even leaves the ground and when I lay down it does make me cry, and it’s really hard not bend down or sit down because on a daily basis I help my step mom with 2 babies she has temporary custody of who are 17 months and 7 months has anyone else had to deal with this and how did you manage it. It also might help to state that I’m 17 Please no rude comments about my age I hear it all the time but thank you for any info you may have Anonymous Community MemberThis question was asked by a Facebook community member who has asked to remain anonymous.