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Victoria's Secret Model Pregnant With Laurens Van Leeuwen

Victoria’s Secret Model Romee Strijd Is Pregnant With Laurens Van Leeuwen Child

Victoria Secret model Romee Strijd is going to be a mama!

Has anyone gone to the doctor and had a false positive pregnancy test?

I would just like some opinions about a false pregnancy test. My doctor didn’t answer my question at all besides saying it was possibly a miscarriage or a false positive and left it at that. I took three at-home tests (all different brands) because my period was a day late, and my boyfriend and I had an incident that month and I felt like something was off. They all came out positive, so I made a dr appointment and went to get a test, and the one there was negative. I came up with a urinary tract infection instead. I also ended up started my period a few days later. I was wondering if anyone has ever experienced this? Did you know if it was a miscarriage or false positive? I know false positives are very so I would just like to know others experiences and opinions and to ease my mind. Anonymous Community MemberThis question was asked by a Facebook community member who has asked to remain anonymous.

Is a thicker than normal uterus a sign of pregnancy?

So I have an anonymous question, and I’m kinda confused about what I’ve learned at my OBGYN appt today. So reverse to about 2-3 weeks ago, my Breast milk had come back in, and I was having symptoms of being pregnant again, constant feeling nauseous, breasts hurting, and really crampy. My primary Dr did pee/blood tests. Both were all negative. Well i had an appt today to get the Nexplanon and I lied and told my ob-gyn that i had a positive test a week ago, so that way they could do another test and an ultrasound so I could be 100% sure before I got the Nexplanon, I’ve been on the Nuvaring since July, but i want to be 100% sure that I was NOT pregnant before I got the implant. Well, they did a pee test, and of course, it was negative, so they did an ultrasound.. The reason I’m confused is that he told me my uterus was very unusually Thick(15cm thick), and that I could possibly be pregnant, but it would very very early, and he wants me to do another blood test. So my question is, has anyone had a usually thick uterus and not …

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