Prince William Tells Robert Irwin His Dad Would Have Been ‘Very Proud’ Of Him

Robert Irwin, who recently interviewed Prince William on his upcoming Earthshot Prize, received heartfelt praise from the royal.

“Honestly, I was a big fan of your dad [Steve Irwin] and I am so sorry,” said William, 39. “It’s no surprise that you’re a fan of crocodiles as well. The family trait has continued into the next generation I am sure…He’d be very proud of you Robert. And what you continued. Your passion is only second to his.”

In their chat, Irwin — who is an Earthshot advocate — asked Prince William what inspired him to start the non-profit.

“I felt that a bit of optimism and hope is what we needed,” said Prince William of the global environment prize, which he designed to inspire change and help replenish our planet over the next 10 years.

“Showing people that there are solutions. That there is a way forward what was going to be needed, and so that’s how the Earthshot Prize sort of spun out from there.”

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Irwin, along with his mom Terri and sister Bindi have each dedicated their lives to conservation and continuing Steve Irwin’s legacy through the Australia Zoo and their foundations including Wildlife Warriors.

“I’m really glad that I get to hopefully inspire my generation and my fellow younger Australians to ignite and start that spark of passion,” says Robert.

And when Robert is not encouraging others to do their part for the environment, he is teaching his 6-month-old niece, Grace Warrior, guitar.

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This past Thursday, Bindi, 23, posted an adorable clip of Robert, 17, playing the guitar with baby Grace. “Our baby girl learning to play the guitar with her uncle! Absolutely love this video,” she captioned the bonding moment.

“There you go good job,” Robert tells the 6-month-old at the beginning of the clip, instructing her on where to place her fingers. “Okay, now D chord. Try the D chord. It’s a bit trickier,” he says to his niece, before encouraging her with: “Oh good finger control… Good stuff.”

Robert goes on, saying: “What else can we do? We can do a Cadd9. Try that one.” And, Grace Warrior goes for it! “Learning all the chords,” Robert says as he looked towards the camera.

The uncle and niece duo ended the clip on an E chord. “Good job Grace, yay!” he cheers. Robert also posted the clip and captioned it: “Guitar lessons with Grace Warrior! (Love that giggle at the end).”

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