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Best Strollers for Twins

The Best Double Strollers (and Other Products) for Twins

A newly-expectant mom just learned she’s in for the ride of a lifetime: TWINS! She wants to know what the best double stroller options are (and is also taking advice on any other products parents of twins should have). Over on the Mamas Uncut Facebook page, our robust community of moms is always having a conversation about topics that matter. We like to highlight those conversations from time to time. Important mom questions. Thoughtful mom answers. Let’s hear from the community! A member of the Mamas Uncut Facebook community asks: So big news just came to my family… We’re having twins! Our first! Lol. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has recommendations for the best double strollers? Also taking suggestions for ANY products moms of twins should have, but especially looking to lock down a good stroller for twins. (BTW, we live in a big city, so the smaller/more portable the better.) Thank you! – Mamas Uncut Community Member And with that, the community rushed in with some great recommendations! Recommended Double Strollers for Twins Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger ($167.36 on Amazon) “I always use the Baby Trend Jogger. Granted, they are kinda bulky, but I love the fact that they are bicycle …

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