My 2-year-old daughter still wakes up 20+ times a night: Help?

My two-year-old daughter wakes up 20 + times a night fussing. I’ve tried everything (white noise, music, a warm bath, massaging her, even leaving a show on), and it hasn’t helped at all. This happens whether she’s in bed with her father and I or in her own bed. Our house is small, and she is waking her dad (and I) up all night! He has to work a long, hard physical labor job, and this has to stop. Anybody had a child like this? Anything helped them sleep? I wanted to let her self soothe (I was going to sit next to her, so she knew she wasn’t by herself but not pick her up) but her dad has to sleep, and he’ll feel sorry for her and pick her up if I did. HELP Anonymous Community MemberThis question was asked by a Facebook community member who has asked to remain anonymous.

What can I do to help my daughter sleep good at night again?

My daughter will be eight months next week, and she has always been alert/nosey since she’s been born. But that also has made it hard for her to be put to bed because she is so tired, but she wants to keep being involved with everything around her. This past week though, it’s been the worst. She hasn’t gone to bed any earlier than 1 is. She also hasn’t been taking her usually naps. She lays down for only two naps, and if you’re lucky, she will stay asleep for an hour each. She’s tired you can see it, and she always is rubbing her eyes. I have tried laying her down and waiting a few minutes, and then when she gets back up, lay her down again. I’ve tried holding her to rock her and white noises, but nothing seems to faze her with that. She knows how to crawl, and lately, she’s been standing up hanging on whatever she can, so when I lay her in her crib, she hangs along the edge. The sleeping toys I can’t give her anymore because she just plays with them and laughs. This morning I didn’t know what to do so …

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