Queen Elizabeth’s Official Cause of Death Has Been Revealed

As photographs of Queen Elizabeth’s death certificate circle the internet, the public now knows Her Majesty’s official cause of death. According to The Guardian, the Registrar General for Scotland, Paul Lowe, confirmed that the Queen’s death was registered in Aberdeenshire on September 16, 8 days after the news of her passing was revealed to the public.

The certificate further revealed the exact time of the Queen’s passing, which is noted at 3:10 pm local time on September 8 at Balmoral Castle, Ballater. It is also noted that Queen Elizabeth’s only daughter, Princess Anne registered her mother’s death.

Queen Elizabeth’s Official Cause of Death Has Been Revealed

And finally, “old age was the only cause of death listed, with no other contributing factors.” The Queen had passed away just three hours before the public was notified.

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As The Guardian also reports, her official time of death means that the only members of the royal family who were able to see her one final time were her daughter, Princess Anne, her son, King Charles, and her daughter-in-law, the Queen Consort Camila. Prince William, her two other sons, Prince Edward and  Prince Andrew, and Prince Harry arrived after the Queen’s passing.

As Mamas Uncut previously reported, just days after Queen Elizabeth II was officially laid to rest, the Royal Family took to Instagram to share one of the first pictures of Her Majesty’s final resting place. As it is well known, Elizabeth was laid to rest near St. George’s Chapel in Windsor.

The beloved Queen is now forever with her father King George VI, the Queen Mother Elizabeth, and her adorning husband Prince Philip. The photo revealed the foursome’s combined ledger stone. See the photo for yourself, below:

“A photograph is released today of the ledger stone now installed at the King George VI Memorial Chapel, following the interment of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth,” the caption read. “The King George VI Memorial Chapel sits within the walls of St George’s Chapel, Windsor.”

Followers and mourners took to the comments section to thank the Royal family for sharing such a personal photo. “Thank you for sharing this, very personal. Now they are all together again,” one commenter wrote.

As it was previously reported, for the last nearly year and a half, Prince Philip has been resting in the Royal Vault awaiting his beloved bride. Now they will spend eternity together.

While making one of their first appearances since the Queen’s passing, Kate Middleton—now known as the Princess of Wales—admitted what it was like being at Windsor Castle without her grandmother-in-law.

queen elizabeth's official cause of death has been revealed | as photographs of queen elizabeth’s death certificate circle the internet, the public now knows her majesty’s official cause of death.
(Photo by CHRISTOPHER FURLONG/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

In a video shared via TikTok and Instagram, Kate can be heard saying, “It’s very strange being here without Her Majesty. She’s touched everyone’s lives globally.”

Prince Harry made similar comments, telling people, “It’s a lonely place up there now without her,” Harry could be heard in a video shared by The Sun. “Whichever room she was in, you felt her presence throughout.”

Shortly before Queen Elizabeth II’s passing, people took notice of a detail in one of the last known photos of Her Majesty.

The photo was taken when the Queen met Britain’s newly elected Prime Minister Liz Truss at her Balmoral castle in Scotland. This happened on September 6; on September 8, news broke that the beloved Queen had passed away.

Now, doctors are speculating what Queen Elizabeth’s appearance could have meant for her health. As you can see in the photo below, Her Majesty’s hands are discolored, almost like a bruise.

queen elizabeth's official cause of death has been revealed | as photographs of queen elizabeth’s death certificate circle the internet, the public now knows her majesty’s official cause of death.
(Photo by Jane Barlow – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

If anyone has had the privilege of watching their own grandparents or great-grandparents grow old, you may have noticed this type of bruising on them as well. 

NBC News senior medical correspondent Dr. John Torres told TODAY via an email, the bruising could have been due to senile purpura. “As we age, our skin and the connective tissues underneath become more fragile so even a minor bump can cause this type of bruising,” Dr. Torres explained.

Senile purpura occurs in about 10% of elderly people. Dr. Adam Friedman, a professor and the chair of dermatology at George Washington School of Medicine and Health Sciences, further added that the medical community prefers the term solar purpura.

He explains that the term solar better describes the condition because “it typically occurs on the forearms and back of hands where the sun hits, but where the skin has gone unprotected from ultraviolet radiation over the years.”

Queen Elizabeth was laid to rest following a public funeral on September 19.

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