Questions about child support

Has anyone dealt with child support? The dad not wanting to pay much, so he asks for more custody for a newborn so they can lower his payments? And as a mother, you don’t care for the money but wanting to spend the right amount of time with the new baby, equally of course.

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  1. They take into account his bills and his income. But he has to go and request them to go back over it. It’s not automatic. Another child would make things a-little different

  2. I’m my experience you have to apply for a modification so if his income has gone up that might hurt you but if income is less or same and now a kid that’s an income change and contact your child support office

  3. Actually some states do in fact factor in any other children. My daughter’s fathers child support whlent down when we had her. That is Delaware they also do so in NJ

  4. In Texas they take other children you’re legally obligated to support into consideration and it can drop the amount down. He has to request a re-evaluation of child support.

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