Questions regarding c-section scar: Please help!

I have a question, I HAVE ALREADY REACHED OUT TO MY OBGYN, but I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced something similar, I’m 4wks post my 5th section, I had a tubal as well. Out of the blue, one side of my section is so tender, I can’t cough cuz it hurts just like if I just had my section done, I can’t lay on that side at all, and I’m also getting a prickly sensation there as well. I’ve never had any of these symptoms, so I’m stumped. Has anyone felt like this?

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  1. I had that same issue after having my fourth C-section. Only my right side hurt like hell. I went to my doctor and he felt like a little ball where my pain was, we did a small surgery to find out what it was and an internal stich had wrapped around itself and was pulling on sore muscles causing the pain. I’d definitely go get checked out.

  2. I have had 3 c sections. It’s gonna be tender for a while. The more you walk, the easier it is. It also helps to keep pressure on it, at least it did for me. I used a post c section wrap.

  3. Usually the side that hurts the worst is the side they started the incision. They use more pressure to make the initial puncture with the scalpel to make the incision. Wouldn’t hurt to get checked out though!

  4. Mine would periodically get raw from the over flap of skin from the swelling (and being fat…lol). I used gold bond baby powder and it healed right up. As long as it’s not ‘open’ and just irritated, try a powder

  5. Pain after a C-section up to months after is normal. I have had 4. The tenderness is normal as long as you do not have a fever, redness swelling or warm to the touch around the area it is most likely nothing to worry about. But I would still have my doctor to look at it just to be safe.

  6. I had something similar. Mine was a piece of internal stitching. Have your hubs look and see if he can see it sticking up through your skin. If he can and it’s long enough, have him clip it off with sterile scissors. It happened with my recent hysterectomy also.

  7. I had 3 c sections and tubes removed. My right side felt like that and dr said itll feel like that from tubal for awhile. I’m currently 7 weeks post and no pain just still numb feeling when touch that side.

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