30 Country Names for Babies

Country, southern, rustic, and even redneck names all describe appellations that have a sweet and inviting sound. These beloved baby names are found far from the bright lights of cities and instead thrive in rural communities that value tradition and often hold conservative values.

We decided to think of what redneck names out there parents have been using for decades. These country names may sound out-of-touch to some but to others, they are simply a way of life. Although these names are found in the country, we assure you that country names are found absolutely everywhere. For instance, boys named Austin are found in preschool classes around the USA today! Cue the banjo music, we’ve got some country redneck names to explore!

Check Out These Redneck Names for Babies!


Redneck names

If you’ve got Georgia on your mind, we encourage you to go with this classic name. It’s a diminutive form of George which means “farmer.”


Redneck names

An English name that’s really on the rise today, Brooks is an English surname-name that once described a person who lived “near the brook.”


Redneck names

Carolina or Caroline, you really can’t go wrong with either! Both forms are popular today with Caroline being the more favored of the two. Carolina/Caroline is the femme form of Charles, meaning “free man” or “Frenchman.”


Redneck names

Once a most fashionable choice, Buck often suffers from an “Uncle Buck” image. This strapping name has English origins and means “male deer.”


Redneck names

As with the previous two names for girls, Virginia is another name for a state. This time, from Latin meaning “virginal.” It’s one of the redneck names on this list has a great nickname in Ginny.


Redneck names

A classic name that’s been popular in the US for decades but has never been “trendy.” Wade comes from English as a surname meaning “river crossing.”


Redneck names

A name of Spanish origin, Savannah means “tropical grassland.” For fans of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, this could be the perfect name. It’s more popular for baby girls today than ever before.


Redneck names

A name that’s currently enjoying a renaissance, Wyatt has surged to become a top 50 name for boys for the first time ever. Wyatt comes from an English surname that means “brave in war.”


Redneck names

Emmylou Harris has such a unique name that we wish more new parents would adopt for their daughters. It’s a combination of the names Emmy, meaning “work,” and Lou, meaning “renowned warrior.”


Redneck names

A German name and diminutive of Henry, Hank means “estate ruler.” This classic name has made a comeback and is more popular today than ever before in the US.


Redneck names

If Carolina did not do anything for you, consider another name from Charles, Charlene as a worthy option for you. This midcentury name has yet to return to favor and we hope that changes!


Redneck names

One of the redneck names on this list associated with the notion of “southern charm,” Beau has French origins and means “handsome.”


Redneck names

Kinsley has emerged as the more popular form of this name today, but good old Kinsey works just fine. The name comes from English and means “king’s victory.”


Redneck names

Billy is a nickname-name that’s been used by English speakers for centuries. It comes from William and also means “resolute protector.”


Redneck names

Josie is on the rise again! This diminutive form of Joseph/Josephine has English and Hebrew origins and means “Jehovah increases.”


Redneck names

A popular given name in the fifties and sixties, Rusty is a shortened form of Russell which means “redhead.” If you’ve got a little ginger baby, you won’t find a better name!


Redneck names

Amber is relatively popular in the US today and a big hit across Europe. The name has English origins as a word describing fossilized resin. It’s also a color name for a honey-yellow.


Redneck names

Once an English occupational name for hunters and trappers, Hunter has emerged as one of the most popular names for boys today in English-speaking communities.


Redneck names

A name that describes ugly sunglasses and cute little girls, Oakley has English origins as a topographical name that means “oak clearing.” This name entered the US top 1000 most popular baby names in 2013 and has been on the rise ever since.


Redneck names

Another surprising name that is more popular than ever before is Rhett. Parents have turned to it as an alternative to Brett. The name is English from Dutch and means “advice.”


Redneck names

Well-used before the 1970s, Dolly has seen brighter days as a name for girls. This name has English origins as a diminutive form of Dorothy which means “gift of God.”

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Redneck names

A name that evokes Appalachian hollers, Waylon comes from an English topographical surname, meaning “land beside the road.” Again, this is another one of the redneck names for boys that’s more popular than ever before.


Redneck names

Faith hit its peak in 2002 and it has declined in favor ever so slightly in recent years. It’s a virtue name that means exactly what you think it does.


Redneck names

A diminutive form of William, meaning “resolute protector.” It was a hugely popular given name in the US until the 1990s. While this name is not wildly popular any longer, it is still a top 1000 choice for boys.


Redneck names

After spending 30 years out of the top 1000 baby names, Loretta made a triumphant return in 2020. We expect excitement around this name to only continue to grow. It comes from English as a diminutive of Laura, meaning “bay laurel.”


Redneck names

Austin Powers all but erased desire for the name Randy among new parents. Randy is a diminutive form of Randall or Randolph. The German origins of the name mean “shield” and “wolf.”


Redneck names

Last popular in the 1960s, Reba is one of the redneck names we wish would make a comeback. It comes from Hebrew and means “fourth born.”


Redneck names

A name that is still a standard for boys, Johnny is a diminutive form of John which comes from Hebrew and means “God is gracious.” If it’s good enough for Johnny Cash, it’s good enough for your son, right?

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Redneck names

Still a widely used choice, Shelby has lost some of the luster it had a decade ago. The name comes from an English surname, meaning “estate on the ledge.”


Redneck names

Last popular over 100 years ago, Jethro has suffered a bit of a Beverly Hillbilly image which has kept it off of many birth certificates. The name has Hebrew origins and means “excellence.”

There you go! We hope you enjoyed these redneck names that are the perfect country names for little boys and girls. Most of these celebrated names are still very popular today with many more favored than ever before by new parents. We hope you feel inspired by these appellations and will choose one for your little bumpkin.

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