Robert Hoagland Has Been Missing for 10 Years, But Was Recently Found Dead With a New Identity

A man by the name of Robert Hoagland was reported missing on July 29, 2013 after he failed to pick up his wife and never showed up to work that day. His story was eventually turned into a high-profile case when it was featured in an episode of Disappeared – a television series on Investigation Discovery. 

When police officers arrived at his Newtown, Connecticut home, they found his medication, cellphone, and wallet – yet no sign of Robert Hoagland. There didn’t appear to be any foul play at the time, but the investigation quickly went cold. Hoagland was last seen at a gas station in Newtown on July 28, 2013. 

That is until last week, when Sullivan County police officers in New York responded to a 9-1-1 call of a deceased male in Rock Hill, New York. Investigators were having a hard time identifying the man at first, but eventually came across papers with the name Robert Hoagland on them. That’s when they knew. 

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It appears as if Robert Hoagland has been living under a new identity since disappearing in 2013 – that new identity being Richard King. As of right now, officials have yet to determine a motive for wanting to change identities, especially considering he was leaving behind a loving wife, Lori, and three sons. 

“It’s pretty confusing. We’re trying to handle it right now to be honest. Haven’t really figured out any details,” said Christopher Hoagland, Robert’s eldest son, in an interview with NBC News. It has been 9.5 years since Chris has seen his father, so you can only imagine the questions going through his head.

Robert Hoagland’s remains were taken to the local coroner’s office for an autopsy as authorities attempt to piece together what happened. At the moment, there doesn’t appear to be any foul play or criminal aspect to Hoagland’s death. Any further information is being suppressed out of respect of the family. 

Hoagland was 59 years old at the time of his death. Although the investigation behind his disappearance has come to an end, a new investigation begins as to why he relocated and changed identities. The family deserves answers, but that’s one thing they don’t have right now – hopefully they get answers soon. 

Robert Hoagland Was Featured on the Show ‘Disappeared’

Some people might remember the name Robert Hoagland from a 2016 episode of Disappeared. The episode aired on May 16th and was titled ‘A Family Man,’ telling the story of Hoagland and his sudden disappearance three years prior. Authorities were hoping the episode would bring about new leads. 

Throughout the years, many possible sightings have been reported to authorities, but nothing that could stick and nothing that resulted in closure – only more answers. Early in the investigation, authorities had two theories – he was either a victim of foul play or criminal activity, or he decided to start a new life. 

After nearly a decade of uncertainty, authorities finally have the lead they’ve been waiting for – albeit the circumstances being less-than-ideal. Nonetheless, they can now report that he walked away from his life at the time and built a new identity in a town called Rock Hill, roughly 2.5 hours north of his hometown. 

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As investigators wait for the autopsy report, family members – including his wife and three children – are eagerly waiting to learn more. While they’ve had 10 years to accept his disappearance, this is a new reality they must overcome. On one hand they have closure, but on the other they have more questions.

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