Rudy Giuliani’s Daughter, Caroline, Details How Three-Way Sex and Polyamory Have Made Her a ‘Better Person’

Rudy Giuliani‘s daughter, Caroline Giuliani, wrote a love letter to polyamory and three-way sex entitled, “A Unicorn’s Tale: Three-Way Sex With Couples Has Made Me a Better Person.” The extremely candid piece discusses, in detail, how Caroline’s exploration of her sexuality has made her feel an “openness” that has “changed her life.”

The over 2,000-word piece in Vanity Fair opens with “I want to watch my boyfriend bend you over.” The 32-year-old’s coming out of sorts will seem controversial to some, but we think it’s excellent that a pansexual adult woman is exploring the full range of her sexuality.

Caroline Giuliani shared that she knew she was bisexual but had not explored that side of her sexuality, and so she found an app.

“I had known some time I was at least bisexual but had barely explored that side of my sexuality,” Caroline writes. “I knew I wanted to experience new dynamics.”

So, Caroline, a millennial, did what any other young adult would do, she found an app. She said the service connects “unicorns,” a term that describes women who agree to have sex with couples, with interested couples. “One woman I chatted with mentioned she was looking for someone to dominate her but be submissive to her boyfriend,” she writes.

“I am typically more sexually submissive, but as we were texting (which quickly turned into sexting), I tried on this authoritative sexual persona,” she continues. “I was pleased to discover that, having been submissive myself, finding the language to turn Isabella on came naturally to me.”

She describes having the jitters before her first date of this sort. She meets the couple, Isabella and Oliver, at a bar and after that she describes, in detail, what followed.

“We went back to their place. At one point Oliver and I had sex while Isabella watched — actively. She was a ‘cuckqueen’ which is a woman who enjoys role-playing ‘humiliation’ this way,” Caroline reveals.

“Many aspects of the encounter were pleasurable and fun, but the most engrossing sensation was feeling Oliver’s palpable love for Isabella [… ] his desire to fulfill her was the deeper motivation for filling me.”

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Caroline realized that after the experience she identifies as “pansexual.” Caroline also shares that she has battled anxiety and depression her entire life.

“The incredible moments of connection and transformation I’ve shared with these couples reminds me that my expansive mind is a gift,” she concludes.

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It’s clear from the piece that Caroline is light years away from her father, Rudy Giuliani, who has had a rough few months acting as Donald Trump‘s personal attorney. Despite her father’s connection to the former president, Caroline was a vocal supporter of his opponent, President Joe Biden.

Now, some will find the piece to be a little too saucy for their tastes, but our main takeaway is that it is an essay about liberation and discovery. Most would have gone about it a different way, but perhaps it’s writing like Caroline’s that will usher in a more sex-positive and open era where we discuss sexuality with much more ease.

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