Sally Field is Naming Names and Spilling Tea, Revealing Her Worst On-Screen Kiss

Sally Field has kissed quite a few men during her 60-year career as an actress, so she knows a thing or two when it comes to the on-screen kiss. It’s something that can go right in so many ways but can also go wrong just as quickly – especially if there’s an obvious lack of chemistry between the two actors. 

In a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, the 76-year-old actress was asked an interesting question by a fan. “You said your best on-screen kiss was with James Garner in Murphy’s Romance. What would you say was the worst?” the fan asked as Field started to giggle. 

Sally Field is Naming Names and Spilling Tea, Revealing Her Worst On-Screen Kiss | In an interview on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, a fan asked Sally Field what her worst on-screen kiss was -- and you won't believe the answer!
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“Oh boy, shall I really name names here?” Sally said as Andy egged her on. “Okay, this is going to be a shocker, hold on folks, Burt Reynolds,” she said with confidence. The audience immediately gasped, Idina Menzel burst out in laughter, and Andy Cohen responded with a ‘Really?’ – clearly shocked. 

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Sally Field went on to explain how she usually “tried to look the other way” when it came time to kiss, adding it “just was not something he really did for you.” With Andy continuing to egg her on, Field gave a detailed explanation why – citing the high levels of drool as a turn-off. “Wow, alright!” said Cohen. 

For those that don’t remember or don’t know, Field and Reynolds dated between 1977 and 1980 and continued to date on and off for the next two years. The couple starred in four popular films during that time, including Smokey and the Bandit, Smokey and the Bandit II, The End, and Hooper. 

Burt Reynolds passed away on September 26, 2018, after suffering a heart attack. Two years before his death, he penned a tell-all memoir titled But Enough About Me: A Memoir. In the book, he wrote about how he wished he had tried harder with Field while they were dating – something he was adamant about. 

Unfortunately, the feeling wasn’t mutual. “He was just not good for me in any way. And he had somehow invented in his rethinking of everything that I was more important to him than he had thought, but I wasn’t. He just wanted to have the thing he didn’t have. I just didn’t want to deal with that,” Sally said in March. 

Sally Field Was Asked a Similar Question in 2016

Sally Field is no stranger to talking about and getting asked about her on-screen kisses – even sharing a lengthy kiss with Stephen Colbert before starting an interview in early 2016, while promoting the movie Hello, My Name is Doris. In the movie, Field has a kissing scene with beloved actor Max Greenfield

Believe it or not, she made an appearance with Greenfield on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in 2016 and was asked a similar question to the one she was asked this week on the same show. With Greenfield sitting next to her, she was asked who her best and worst on-screen kisses were. 

Much like the fan pointed out in her question this week, Field was quick to answer James Garner as her best on-screen kiss. “I mean, hands [down], he gets it. I mean, woah. That’s it,” she says, adding that “I just close my eyes and just go there.” As for the worst, she surprisingly gave a different answer in 2016.

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“And probably the worst would have to be, and he’s probably improved, I don’t know, but it was Tommy Lee Jones in a bad phase of his life,” said Sally Field. She kissed Tommy Lee Jones in the 1981 film Back Roads and she added that he later apologized for the kiss. As for Greenfield, he was ‘pretty darn good.’

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