Samantha Busch Says ‘Infertility Is Cruel’ Following Failed Embryo Transfer

Samantha Busch revealed new details about her embryo transfer on Instagram, sharing that after a “positive” few weeks she and her husband received bad news. As any parent going through IVF treatments knows, it can be a devastating journey and Busch has been living through tough fertility times in recent weeks.

On Saturday, the wife of NASCAR driver Kyle Busch shared a revealing video on her Instagram Story detailing her latest pregnancy attempt through an embryo transfer. The procedure brought the couple hopeful news, at first, but ultimately proved unsuccessful.

Samantha Busch Opened Up Following the Heartbreaking News She Received After Previously Being Optimistic About an Embryo Transfer.

Samantha Busch, who shares 6-year-old son Brexton with her husband began the video on April 21, explaining that she and Kyle, 36, had gone for an ultrasound appointment where the doctors found a gestational sac but it was “way smaller than what it was supposed to and they didn’t see anything in it.”

“They assumed it was going to be something called a blighted ovum, basically that you’re growing a sack, HCG levels still go up but it’s an empty sack,” she told viewers.

The mom of one, 34, said the new reality was “really hard to process” as her doctors told her to come back in a week and to remain “hopeful” because the sac could have been a result of delayed implantation.

The weekend she learned the news, Samantha said she experienced “cramps all day and started bleeding” which she assumed meant she would “start miscarrying.” To get her mind off of the situation, Samantha and Kyle went to Richmond where she said she “locked myself in a bus so I didn’t have to see anyone.”

On the following Wednesday, Samantha and Kyle received surprising news during her vaginal ultrasound. Samantha said that her doctor discovered “two little sacs,” one of which “came out of nowhere.”

“I was on cloud 9,” Samantha said of finding another sac. “We saw the ultrasound and both literally like jaws to the floor, couldn’t close our mouths, just like unbelievable.”

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Because the doctor could only hear a “flutter” of a heartbeat, Samantha and Kyle were advised to return the following week to find out more.

“So this is crazy, super crazy, even all the doctors are like ‘This is not textbook by any means,’ Maybe we’ll have two little peanuts,” Samantha explained her thinking.

The video then moved along to April 29, when Samantha returned to her ultrasound appointment to learn more about the sacs.

“This has just been the longest wait ever. Last time I went in I was kind of checked out, there’s been so much hope these last 8 days,” she revealed. “I’m just really nervous. Just been praying that it’s gonna work. Got my hopes up there might be two of them. I just feel like it’s been emotionally, mentally really hard.”

Samantha appeared with Kyle in the last part of the video, which was filmed on April 30. She explained that the last few weeks had been “really difficult” as the “flicker” of a heartbeat and second sac provided “so much hope.”

“We spent those days thinking what a nursery would be like with two, thinking about identical twins, thinking about what we would name them. It was so positive seeing that flicker snap second sack starting to form,” she remembered.

“We went in this time and got really bad news, that there’s nothing there,” Kyle chimed in.

“In either of them,” said Samantha through tears. “That means I will either naturally miscarry over the next few days or medically. I feel like we did everything right. This just has been the hardest round. I just felt like it was going to be okay. I think infertility is just cruel and it’s not fair.”

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For more than eight years, Kyle and Samantha Busch have struggled with infertility, experiencing everything from a miscarriage to a failed IVF attempt and, in November, a second IVF failure while using an otherwise healthy surrogate. 

While this latest setback is heartbreaking, we do hope that doctors find the right solutions for Samantha’s infertility issues. It’s so, so hard on every person who wants to have children and we feel for this mom and her family that she wants to desperately grow.

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