25 Scary Games to Play with Friends

Scary games are a sure-fire way to freak you and your friends out. This genre of game involves the supernatural, convening with the dead, or opening portals to alternate universes. So, not your run-of-the-mill sort of entertainment. As many of us who have played scary games know, the actual playing is a lot scarier than you ever expect.

These scary games seem ridiculous on paper, but in practice, they are actually very freaky to play. It’s a combination of knowing that nothing weird will happen tempered by your expectation that the unknown could occur at any moment. Scary games have long been a staple of slumber parties and make for a thrilling activity for you and your friends. We have found the scariest of the scary games for you, so pick your poison and buckle up for a weird and wild ride!

Check Out These Scary Games to Play with Friends!

Bloody Mary

Scary games

One of the most iconic scary games, Bloody Mary, has been played at sleepovers for decades. And, for good reason! It’s a very scary game. All you need is a bathroom with a mirror to play. Turn off all the lights in a bathroom to make it dark as pitch. Call “Bloody Mary” three times and wait to see if she comes to visit in the mirror. Waiting for her to appear is somehow the freakiest thing ever!

The Elevator Game

Scary games

We have covered this game recently due to its popularity on TikTok these days, but the Elevator Game has become a right of passage for many young folks today. Check out the steps:

  1. Find a building with an elevator and at least 10 floors.
  2. Make sure to be alone and that no one else gets in the elevator with you throughout this process, otherwise, you must start over.
  3. Press the button to get to the fourth floor but, don’t get out. Then go to the second floor, sixth floor, second floor, and the tenth floor. Do NOT get out on any of these floors.
  4. Then, go to the fifth floor. There, a young woman could come into the elevator with you. Do NOT speak or look at her, even though she may look familiar.
  5. Then, press the first floor,
  6. IF you press to go the first floor, but the elevator goes to the tenth floor, remain on the elevator, you’re still in the game.
  7. IF you press to go to the first floor, but the elevator goes to the first floor, then exit the moment the doors open. Do NOT speak or look back.
  8. Once you reach the tenth floor, you can choose to get off or stay. IF you choose to get off, the woman from step four may ask you a question and even call your name. Do NOT answer her.
  9. Now, you have reached the Otherworld. To know for sure you are, the sign is that you are the only one there.

Sara, Sarita

Scary games

Here is a game that can go from harmless to terrifying in an instant. This is one of the scary games that takes two people to play. You and a friend should sit on the floor, facing one another. Grab two coins, one for each of you. Now, conjure Sara, Sarita by asking, “Sara, Sarita, will you join us?” Flip your coins. If you both get heads, it’s a “yes.” Two tales means “no.” You can keep flipping the coins until you get heads, but we warn you, doing so will likely upset Sara, Sarita.

Once you have both flipped heads, you may ask Sara, Sarita yes or no questions. Heads always means “yes” while tales means “no.” To end the game, you MUST tell Sara, Sarita that the game is over and ask her to “leave” you. Flip your coins until you both get heads again to end the game.


Scary games

Here is another one of the classic scary games on this list. Concentrate takes two people to play, and you will need to know the special verse that goes along with the game. According to Scary Games for Kids, you ask your friend to turn their back to you. Next, lightly pound their back with your first while chanting:

“Concentrate. Concentrate / Concentrate on what I’m saying / People are dying / Children are crying / Concentrate. Concentrate. / Concentrate on what I’m saying.”

Then, tap the top of your friend’s head lightly as if cracking an egg. Run your fingers slowly down the sides of your friends head as you say:

“Crack an egg on your head / Let the yolk run down / Let the yolk run down / Crack an egg on your head / Let the yolk run down. Let the yolk run down / Concentrate. Concentrate. / Concentrate on what I’m saying.”

Next, massage your friends shoulder for a moment. Then, slowly run your fingers down their upper arms while saying:

“Squeeze an orange on your shoulder / Let the juice drip down / Let the juice drip down / Squeeze an orange on your shoulder / Let the juice drip down / Let the juice drip down / Concentrate. Concentrate. / Concentrate on what I’m saying.”

Next, poke your friend in the sides of their torso before slowly running your fingers down their sides as you say:

“Stick ten needles in your sides / Let the blood drip down / Let the blood drip down / Stick ten needles in your sides / Let the blood drip down / Let the blood drip down / Concentrate. Concentrate. / Concentrate on what I’m saying.”

Next, with one fist, hit your friend in the back one time before running your fingers slowly down their back as you say:

“Stab a knife in your back / Let the blood drip down / Let the blood drip down / Stab a knife in your back / Let the blood drip down / Let the blood drip down / Concentrate. Concentrate. / Concentrate on what I’m saying.”

Next, grab the person firmly by both arms and shake them slightly as you say:

“You’re standing on a building / You’re out on the ledge / You’re feeling very dizzy and you’re close to the edge and someone… PUSHES YOU!”

Then, push your friend forward. After they recover, ask them what color they saw. The color determines the way in which your friend will meet their death. According to Scary Games for Kids, here are possible colors and their meanings:

  • Red means they are going to be stabbed.
  • Blue means they will drown in water.
  • Yellow means they will be poisoned.
  • Orange means they will burn to death in a fire.
  • Green means they will fall from a height and die on grass.
  • Purple means they will suffocate.
  • Brown means they will be buried alive.
  • Grey means they will die of a disease in hospital.
  • White means they will die of old age and go to heaven.
  • Black means they will die of old age and go to hell.

Light as a Feather

Scary games

This is one of the scary games on this list that’s best played with five people or more. Ask one of your friends to lay flat on the floor. The other players gather around and place just two fingers from each hand underneath your friend like you are going to lift them up with just those fingers (because you are!).

Your friend on the floor should cross their arms over their chest and close their eyes. They should imagine that they are weightless, like they’re floating in a pool of water.

The players around them should then imagine that your friend is “light as a feather” and chant as much, together, in unison. Say this over and over again until your friend lifts from the floor and floats into the air.

Mister Sandman

Scary games

This scary game only requires two players but it is more fun in groups. Nothing abruptly ends a party like this game right here, so be prepared to tick some folks off.

Ask a friend to lay down on the floor, face down with their eyes closed. Then, one person gets to imagine how that person will die. It’s morbid and very creepy as the person describes, in as much detail as possible, the manner of death. Before the person stands up, the speaker must rub the back of the person on the floor lightly with their fingertips.

When the person stands up, they will feel super heavy, as if their body is filled with sand.

Peering Devil

Scary games

This is one of the creepiest scary games on the list and it’s a lot like Bloody Mary, but somehow it’s worse. You have to stay up until just before midnight. Go into a pitch-black bathroom with a mirror. Face the mirror and close your eyes and wait for midnight to arrive (setting an alarm or timer on your phone is a great idea here). The instant the clock strikes midnight, open your eyes and look deeply into the mirror.

Do you see the devil staring back at you?

El Juego del Libro Rojo

Scary games

Also known as the “Red Book Game,” El Juego del Libro Rojo is a popular scary game played in Mexico and across Latin America. You will need a big red book and red candles to play. Turn off all the lights and light the candles. Hold hands with the other players in a circle around the candles and the book.

Ask, “Red book, can we play your game?” Close your eyes and open the book to a random page and place your finger on the page. Whatever your finger has landed on is your answer. If you do not get a positive response after the first few tries, you MUST leave the game. If you get an affirmative answer from the book, you can proceed by continuing to ask questions.

Once you are finished each player MUST get permission to leave the game. Even if you get dozens of negative answers telling you that you do not have permission to leave the game, keep asking until you get a “yes.”

After getting permission to leave, say, “Red book, thank you for allowing us to play your game.” Close the book and blow out the candles.

The Japanese Fortune Game

Scary games

Here’s a Japanese fortune-telling game that can get very scary very fast. It’s called Tsuji-ura and it is best played alone. Caution: interacting with strangers at night is dangerous and you should avoid doing so if you are not an adult.

Grab a comb and towel or a piece of fabric to cover your face. Walk to crossroads near you. Once there, strum the teeth of the comb to make it “speak.” Once you have made the noise with the comb, say, “Tsuji-ura, Tsuji-ura, grant me the truth in response.”

Next, cover your face and wait. If no one approaches, the game has failed. Do NOT try again. If someone you know approaches you, the game has failed. Do NOT try again. If a stranger approaches you, keep your face covered for the duration of your conversation. Ask them to tell you your fortune.

Depending on what they say, you may want to end the conversation by strumming the comb and saying, “Tsuji-ura, Tsuji-ura, thanks for a truthful response.” Leave your face covered until the stranger leaves. If the stranger does not leave, you are very much not in luck. Of the scary games on this list, this one poses the most risk. Consider yourself warned.

Ouija Board

Scary games

Popular for centuries, Ouija boards are simply parlor games that allow you to “speak” with the spirit world. Depending on the board you get, there are different instructions for play. Follow the instructions to the letter and you should have a rather thrilling night with your friends.

More Scary Games to Play with Friends!

The Midnight Man

Scary games

Here is one the scary games that CreepyPasta fans love. You will need a piece of paper and a completely dark home to play this game. It’s essentially hide and seek where you and your friends are being hunted by a spirit called the Midnight Man. At midnight, each player must write their name on a piece of paper. Each person must spit on the paper and allow the saliva to soak into it.

Make sure all the lights in your home are off so the midnight man does not see you. Go to your front door and slide the piece of paper under the door from the inside to the outside. Now, hide. You’ve invited the midnight man to find you.

Palm Reading

Scary games

Palmistry, also known as palm reading, has been a practice forever in almost every culture on earth. You can learn more about how to read palms and palmistry here.

Tarot Cards

Scary games

There are many modes of fortune-telling and one of the most popular is done with Tarot cards. The practice has been around since the 15th century in Europe. You can learn more about Tarot card decks and readings here.

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The Pendulum

Scary games

Pendulums have been considered a powerful way to tap into your unconscious for a very long time now. You can employ the use of a pendulum board which works in a similar fashion to an Ouija board. Or you can just ask the pendulum yes and no questions. Choose a crystal, a necklace, or any object that holds meaning to you. Suspend the crystal or object from a string.

You can ask yes and no questions after establishing which way the pendulum swings when you get an affirmative answer versus a negative one. So, ask a question you know the answer to to determine if front to front is yes or if side to side is yes. Players can ask the person with the pendulum questions or this game can be played alone.

Answer Man

Scary games

Scary games that require more people to play are often more fun. This game required a minimum of ten people, each with their own phone. Stand in a circle and ask everyone to turn to the person to their left.

After getting the person to the left’s number, each person must call the number at the exact same moment. Most people will get a busy signal, but not always. Sometimes, people get connected to the Answer Man, a being who exists to answer all of your questions. Beware! You never know what he will say.

This Little Piggy

Scary games

This game involves the recitation of the nursery rhyme “This Little Piggy.” Turn off all of the light in the room of play and make sure you start the game after midnight but before 3AM. Leave the door to the room open. Gather your friends underneath a large blanket. Take off your socks and shoes so that all of your feet are bare. Recite the nursery rhyme as you wiggle your toes (some people also offer candies and sweets). Wait a moment after saying the rhyme before reciting an invitation.

Say, “I hear children’s voices echo close / Your footsteps echo near / As day has gone and night is here/ You have nothing to fear.”

Once the presence makes itself known, feel free to ask it questions. But do NOT remove the blanket or otherwise look at the being you have conjured. Once you are done asking questions, you will need to end the session by reciting the nursery rhyme once more. Then, remove the blanket and hope that you have successfully sent it away!

Whisper Can

Scary games

This is one of the scary games on this list that is adaptable as it is found in many different places around the world, played many different ways. Get yourself an empty can. Turn off all of the lights and find a quiet space to play. You can play this game alone, but it is not advised. Hold the empty can in your hands while you think of a question to ask the can. Once it’s in your mind, whisper into the can to ask your question. You then may slowly place the can to your ear to see if it answers it.

If playing with friends turn the can to a friend after asking the question so that they can receive the answer. It’s better to have a different ear to the answer as a person who does not ask the question can better hear the answer to it.

Salt Rituals

Scary games

While this is not necessarily considered one of the scariest of scary games, salt rituals are a fun thing to do with friends. You will need salt, a fireproof plate or bowl, and paper. Take your paper and write your wish down on it. Cover the piece of paper with a thin layer of salt so that no one can see your wish. Roll or ball up the piece of paper in a way to keep the majority of the salt inside. Light the paper on fire and allow it to burn through on your fireproof dish.

Once the paper has completely burned, you MUST remove it from your home to make sure your wish comes true. One of the best ways to do this is to flush it down the toilet (making sure all of the ash is completely gone).

Welcoming Them Home

Scary games

One of the scariest scary games on this list can be played with friends or alone. We do not recommend doing it alone! You will need a piece of paper, a timer, and a pen. Go into a dark room and leave the door to the room open. Face away from the open door so that your back is to it. Take the paper and write, “Welcome Home.” Underneath that, write, “You must be tired.” Set the paper in front of you and start the timer for one minute. If you are with friends, hold hands and stare at the paper reading what you have written over and over in your head. Do NOT blink. Do NOT look away. Do NOT talk. After the minute passes, you might feel a presence behind you.

Do not be alarmed if you hear the presence say, “I am home” or “I am tired.” Without looking at the presence, you can continue talking for the next hour. Once the time is up, tell the presence to “Get some rest” or “Goodbye.” Ball up the piece of paper and burn it or toss it out.

Mama Midnight

Scary games

This is a game best played with two people as principals and any others are considered spectators. You will need to find an abandoned building for this particular one which is advised for almost any of these scary games as you never want to bring anything home with you! Have one person grab a childhood object that they’ve had and enjoyed for many years. Place the object inside a room and close the door so that the object is alone in the room. The spectators should remain with the principals. The person who owns the object must knock three times on the door. Then say, “Mama midnight, take this key. Mama midnight, you are free. Mama midnight, let me see.”

The other person or one of the spectators should then shine a flashlight on the door and as the principal opens it. Do you see Mama Midnight holding your object? If so, you may try and communicate or end the scary ordeal by closing the door, knocking three times again and saying, “Mama midnight, goodnight.” Get your object and swiftly leave the location.

Carlos Carlos

Scary games

One of the most popular scary games from Latin America is often referred to as “Carlos Carlos” or “Charlie Charlie.” Take a piece of paper and divide it into four quadrants by drawing one vertical line and one horizontal line. Use two pencils to draw the lines, one for each. Write “Yes” on two of the quadrants and “no” on the other two. Place one pencil on the vertical line and one on the horizontal so that one pencil is balanced on the other. Say, “Carlos, Carlos, can we play?”

If the pencils move, you can begin asking questions of Carlos. If the pencils remain still, the game has failed. Either way, make sure to destroy the paper when finished with the game.

Scratch of the Cat

Scary games

This is one of the scary games that requires two participants, but others can spectate. You need a pitch-black room and a candle or flashlight at the ready. Pick a storyteller and a listener. The storyteller should sit on the floor with their legs crossed. The listener must lay on their back so that their head rests in the storyteller’s lap. The storyteller should rub the listener’s temples as they tell their story. All spectators must remain silent as the story is told. Here are the words to the story:

“There once was an old lady who owned a cat.
The cat was very nice.
It meowed and purred.
One day, the cat got hit by a car and died.
Cat Scratch, Cat Scratch, Cat Scratch.

The old lady got a new cat.
The cat was very mean.
It hissed and clawed.
Cat Scratch, Cat Scratch, Cat Scratch.

One day, the cat got hit by a car and died.
The old lady decided not to get any more cats.
Cat Scratch, Cat Scratch, Cat Scratch.”

After the story concludes, ask the listener to sit up off of the floor. Lift their shirt to inspect the skin on the person’s back. Do you see the cat scratches?

Red Door Yellow Door

Scary games

This game is played in a very similar fashion to the last, but instead of telling the story, you should encourage the listener to go into a trance. The listener should be told the words, “Yellow door, red door” in a chant over and over again until they can picture the doors in their mind.

If the listener does go inside one of the doors, their guide should ask them what they see. If the person in the trance sees people, the guide can communicate with them through the person in the trance. This one can be very exciting but it’s advised that the person in the trance be woken immediately if they see a tall man in a suit or a woman without a face. Shake the person awake, if you must. You don’t want the person stuck there forever!

Howling Helen

Scary games

This is one of the scary games similar to Bloody Mary but can get much more exciting for the players. Howling Helen is a being who died from heartache after losing her child. She haunts the living, searching for her dead baby and crying out for her child. You will need lipstick or any washable thing that you can draw on a mirror with. It must be after midnight. Go into a bathroom or any room with a mirror and make sure it is pitch black. Draw a stick figure on the mirror, to represent Helen’s child. All of the participants must chant in unison, “Helen, is this your baby?” three times.

Make sure that this is asked in the form of a question NOT “Helen, this is your baby.” Helen may appear in the mirror or you may hear her screaming. Wipe the figure off the mirror and turn on the lights to end the game.

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Three Kings

Scary games

You might be tempted to play this game alone because it only requires one person, but we urge you to never play this game alone and to, instead, have witnesses in case anything goes sideways. You will need a candle, a chair and two mirrors. The chair should be centered between the two mirrors that you want to face one another. One mirror represents your future while the other your past. Face the mirror that you want to learn more about. Light the candle and look at your reflection in the mirror.

Ask questions while looking into the mirror. You might hear a response in front or behind you. The point of the game is not to get startled or move until you have blown out the candle. Spectators should remain quiet in order to hear the responses. You might also see images in the mirror that frighten you. Remember, that the candlelight might be comforting, but you must face the darkness to make the experience end. Blow out the candle when you are satisfied with the answers given you.

There you go! We hope you enjoyed these 25 scary games to play with friends. While most of these are harmless fun, you can get caught up in the moment and get really freaked out. Keep your cool and play with people you trust and you should be just fine!

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