School Bus Drivers Work Together to Reunite 2-Year-Old Boy With Parents After Their Car Was Stolen With the Baby Inside

School bus drivers rarely get the recognition they deserve for keeping children safe to and from school, but two bus drivers in the Kentwood, Michigan community deserve a massive raise after what happened a week ago. Their quick actions reunited a 2-year-old boy with his parents.

The horrific story began when two parents flagged down a school bus driver, who was running his normal Tuesday route. The parents were visibly shaken as they explained to the bus driver, Dave Skinner, that someone stole their vehicle and drove off with their child still inside. 

Skinner, who works for the Kelloggsville Public Schools in the Grand Rapids community, didn’t hesitate to call the police and also told other bus drivers in the area to keep an eye out for the vehicle or child. Not long after, another bus driver got on the radio with a glimpse of hope. 

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Sue Figueroa, also a Kelloggsville bus driver, said she just passed by a young boy standing in front of a driveway with his blanket – there were no parents around, which was strange. She was told to immediately turn the bus around to investigate further – and we’re happy she did!

They confirmed it was the missing 2-year-old boy and while the child was reluctant to trust Figueroa at first, she eventually gained his trust and brought him onto the bus. She drove the bus back to the frantic parents, reuniting a family that saw their day take a turn for the worse.

Not long after the family was reunited, the police found the stolen vehicle in the Grand Rapids area – it didn’t make it too far. Still, no charges have been made as they continue to identify the carjacker, who knowingly left the child outside someone’s driveway before driving off. 

The 2 School Bus Drivers Remain Humble, Despite Their Incredibly-Heroic Actions

School Bus Drivers Work Together to Reunite 2-Year-Old Boy With Parents After Their Car Was Stolen With the Baby Inside
via NBC News

Ask any parent or anyone with a good heart and they’ll tell you that Dave Skinner and Sue Figueroa are heroes for what they did that fateful Tuesday morning. Even the superintendent of the school noted that they “all did a great job getting this two-year-old back with his parents.”

Another person that deserves credit is Kristin Nickelson, the director of transportation for the school district. She was responsible for communicating with Figueroa and coordinating the efforts. It was a team effort from start to finish, which is exactly what’s needed in a time like this.

And while everyone is looking at them as heroes, especially the parents of the 2-year-old boy, that’s not how these two school bus drivers are viewing it. In fact, they’re remaining humble as only a hero can. 

“I don’t know if we’re heroes. Drivers are very attentive to all the kids in the neighborhoods while we’re picking them up. And if they see something odd or strange, they’re real quick to get on the radio and holler back,” said Dave Skinner to NBC News. 

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This story reminds us of a similar story in 2019 when a bus driver stopped two children – ages 2 and 6 – who were walking in the snow in freezing temperatures all by themselves. The kids were lost and were looking for their Grandma – the bus driver later reunited the family.

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