Mom Speaks Out after RING Camera in Daughter’s Room Gets Hacked and Man Starts Talking to Her; She’s Not the Only Victim

RING cameras have been all the rage recently and that’s not surprising. Why wouldn’t you want the added protection and comfort of knowing exactly who’s been at or in your home?

However, what people have been revealing more and more lately is that the security cameras can be hacked and that has created a few scary situations for families who use RING.

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Baby Monitors and Security Cameras Like RING Being Hacked

Multiple RING Cameras Hacked in the Last Month

As Fatherly reports, the most recent report of a RING camera being hacked was earlier in December when a little girl was playing in her room and a man started talking to her through the camera.

In a clip of the video shared on Twitter, you can hear the scared little girl say, “who is that?” To which the man responds through the camera saying, “I’m your best friend. I’m Santa Claus.”

The girl proceeds to scream for her mom, before the man says, “I’m Santa Claus. Don’t you want to be my best friend?”

That same day, another Twitter user uploaded a video from her friend’s RING in which a guy watching them sleeping attempts to wake them up. (Warning: Language.)

According to Fatherly, following the incident in which a man told the young girl that he was Santa Claus, RING issued a statement. It read:

“Customer trust is important to us and we take the security of our devices seriously. We have investigated this incident and can confirm it is in no way related to a breach or compromise of Ring’s security.”

Fatherly then shared a few safety tips for parents who use the RING camera in or outside their household.

Always enable the two-factor authentication on your Ring account.

Don’t share your secure passwords with anyone; instead, add shared users with their own login info to people you want to have access to your cameras.

Choose strong passwords, never use the default password, and change yours regularly.

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Ashley LeMay, the mother of the little girl, said she decided to buy the cameras after noticing a bunch of her neighbors had them. She told The Washington Post that the cameras gave her a piece of mind and helped her children feel safer, especially since she works the night shift at a hospital.

Sadly, however, that sense of security is now shattered.

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