Selfish Sister Sabotages Fertility Clinic Meeting, Gets Kicked Out

A mother is seeking advice from Reddit after her sister sabotaged her fertility clinic meeting for selfishly wanting her to only have one child.

But the plot thickens. The mother’s child was adopted from the sister — who is worried the adopted child won’t be getting enough attention is she is to have siblings.

selfish sister sabotages fertility clinic meeting, gets kicked out
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“8 years ago, my (29f) sister (32f) got pregnant. The father wasn’t involved and my sister didn’t want the baby, but she also couldn’t bring herself to terminate or adopt out to strangers.”

“She approached me and my (now ex) husband, and asked if we would be willing to adopt her child. We weren’t sure as we were concerned this would lead to issues down the line but my sister insisted that it wouldn’t so we ultimately agreed. Before Lucy was a year old, my husband left us both because my sister lied about Lucy’s father.”

The OP goes on to reveal that while the first marriage didn’t work out, she did find love again.

“When Lucy was 4, I got together with my wife, and we married last year. My sister has said that seeing me and my wife with Lucy (who is now 7) confirms to her that she made the right decision.”

selfish sister sabotages fertility clinic meeting, gets kicked out
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The OP then went on to reveal how she wanted multiple children and her sister was originally okay with this.

“When I first adopted Lucy, my husband and I told my sister that we wanted multiple children, which she said she was fine with at the time, but now my wife and I are looking into our options and my sister objects.”

“My sister has been staying with us since July because her boyfriend kicked her out. She keeps asking Lucy if she’s sure she wants siblings (Lucy has said that she does), and telling us she’s worried we won’t be able to give Lucy what she needs, and then today happened.”

But the OP could not have guessed what could have happened next…

selfish sister sabotages fertility clinic meeting, gets kicked out
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“We had an online consultation with a fertility clinic to talk about sperm donation. We told my sister about it and asked her to keep an eye on Lucy while we talked. The wifi went randomly on and off 3 times during the session, booting us out of the call each time.”

“The third time, my wife went to check it and saw my sister holding the power cord, and Lucy trying to plug it back in. Lucy saw my wife and said “auntie keeps turning the wifi off”. Wife plugged it back in, but we could no longer get into the session and we got an email from the doctor saying that if the wifi is going to be this bad then maybe we should try a more local clinic as we can’t do online consultations.”

The couple confronted the sister and her response was confirmation of their suspicions.

“When we confronted my sister she admitted that she wants Lucy to be an only child so she has 100% of our undivided attention, and then said in a sarcastic tone “forgive me for only wanting what’s best for my daughter” to which we responded that Lucy isn’t her daughter. Things escalated until I said that my sister should go stay with our parents, and my wife drove her to their place.”

selfish sister sabotages fertility clinic meeting, gets kicked out
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But the drama did not end there.

“Since leaving (a few hours ago) she’s apologised and begged to come back, and my parents have also asked me to take her back, but I’ve refused.”

Her parents are now begging the OP to welcome back their sister with open arms but she is not so sure she should.

“They’ve all called me an arsehole for kicking my own sister out after one argument, because now she’s unable to get to work (no car and too far to walk) and she’s back in her childhood room while at our place she had a studio to herself behind the house.”

selfish sister sabotages fertility clinic meeting, gets kicked out
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The OP is not sure if she is in the wrong or not, despite many commenters coming to defend her.

One user said: “Agreed NTA. Your sister is downright manipulative and unhinged. If she wants to be a parent she should have stepped up to the plate and actually been one. She’s signed away all such rights and it probably would be unfair to Lucy (and you) to reverse it now….I’m sorry but she’s made a mess of her own reproductive life and doesn’t get to dictate yours…”

While another said: “OP was totally within reason to dropkick her from the house. If this is how she’s going to act before the second child is even born, then just imagine how she’s gonna treat them.”

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