Sex is becoming painful for me: Thoughts?

I’m 34 weeks in and would have sex all the time ( not the slow internet kind), and doggy style is good till it’s not, and my sides cramp up, especially on the right side near the end /when he Finishes. And the usually missionary I don’t mind, but the hubby says its awkward cus the tummy is in the way, ( sex is just awkward) and I love sex but not this pain that is starting to come with it and it last for a while and can’t move till its gone. And sometimes, when I play with my self, I can feel a bit of pain on the right side. Should I stop till baby comes or what is ur opinion .. I’ve done anal, and that’s great with no pain, but don’t wanna do that all the time

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  1. Talk to your ob. I dont remember having pain like that so I’m not entirely sure that it’s normal (but it could be). Stop all intercourse until you speak to your doc and get a check up. It might be hard-I know your hormones are going crazy- but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  2. Listen to your body. If it hurts stop… you don’t want to hurt the baby or go into labor before you need to. Be careful with Missionary, you shouldn’t be on your back for too long.

  3. Maybe doggie on side of the bed and relax a lot bc your muscles are being stretched with the belly. Let him do all the work and try not to tense up a whole lot

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