For Your Consideration: 25 Sexy Bald Men Hotter Than Prince William, Who Was Named 'World's Sexiest Bald Man'

For Your Consideration: 25 Sexy Bald Men Hotter Than Prince William, Who Was Named ‘World’s Sexiest Bald Man’

Where were you when your world fell apart after learning that Prince William was named “Sexiest Bald Man Alive?” Okay, none of us are losing sleep over this, but we could not believe that the title went to the Duke of Cambridge. That’s not to say that the Prince does not have his merits, he did look strapping in uniform when he served in the Royal Air Force, but we think there some other hot balds out there that deserve the title.

We were not the only ones who felt this way. Following the announcement by The Sun, the internet exploded with their own opinions on who is indeed the sexiest bald man alive. People felt betrayed and bitter. The controversy even caused some very sexy bald men like Dwayne Johnson to weigh in. We decided to take an unscientific and completely biased look at bald celebrities to get a better idea of who should be the rightful holder of the title, “Sexiest Bald Man Alive.” Check out our 25 smoking baldies!

25. Jason Statham


Let the thirsting commence! Here we find Jason Statham who looks very appealing in this black and white photo. You can’t hear it from the photo, but the actor also has an English accent like Prince William. Unlike Prince William, Statham speaks in a tough-guy-in-a-movie accent at all times.

24. Vin Diesel


Fast, furious, and bald Vin Diesel has been capturing hearts and igniting imaginations for decades on the big screen. Although Vin Diesel sounds rather macho, his given name is Mark Sinclair.

23. Mark Strong


Often playing a cold and calculating villain on screen, Mark Strong seems like a nice bald man in real life. You will not only find this smooth-headed star on screen, but he also is an accomplished stage actor who won an Olivier Award for Best Actor in 2015.

22. Samuel L. Jackson


With a voice you could pick out in a very crowded room, Samuel L. Jackson is still looking fresh at 72-years-young. We are lucky to call him an American Treasure.

21. Kelly Slater


One of the greatest professional surfers of all time, Kelly Slater is still looking great even after parting ways with his hair years ago. Would you let him teach you how to surf?

20. Common


One of Chicago’s very best exports, Common has won more awards and hearts than you can count. The activist and artist is currently in a relationship with comedian Tiffany Haddish.

19. Bruce Willis


One of the brightest superstars of the 1980s and 1990s, Bruce Willis has been bald through much of it. He might be your dad’s fave but we think he is still hotter than Prince William.

18. Ving Rhames


If you love Arby’s, then you already know. He famously has been the voice of the brand in commercials in which he says, “We have the meats.” If that’s not sexy, what is?

17. Matt Lucas


Funny is sexy, that is not up for debate! British comdian and actor Matt Lucas is very funny and very bald, two qaulities we feel make him a great fit for this list.

16. Zinedine Zidane


Zinedine Zidane, popularly known as Zizou, is a former professional football player who played as an attacking midfielder. He is the current manager of La Liga club Real Madrid and is one of the most successful managers in the world. Just look at that icy stare!

15. Corey Stoll


Actor Corey Stoll has appeared in all of your favorite TV shows from The Good Wife to House of Cards to Girls. Stoll is sometimes fitted with a wig as part of his costume and whenever we see it we call it for what it is, a crime against humanity. Let the balds be proud, America!

14. Billy Zane


If you love yourself an artist with a smooth head, Billy Zane is serving you cue ball, Picasso, realness. This actor, best known for playing a baddie in Titanic, is also an accomplished abstract painter.

13. Terry Crews


Terry Crews boasts one of the most colorful resumes on the planet. He can claim actor, comedian, activist, artist, bodybuilder, and former professional football player to his name. No matter where he shows up, he is always welcome.

12. Brian Michael Smith


Brian Michael Smith has enjoyed an illustrious film and television career, seen most recently in 9-1-1: Lone Star. The actor has been a fierce advocate for trans representation in media and whether he is flexing his activist muscles or his muscles-muscles, we love to see him.

11. Pitbull


Reaching just 5’7″ tall, Pitbull looms large. The rapper has the distinction of being a sexy bald man as well as a “short king.”

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10. Ben Kingsley


At 77-years-old, Ben Kingsley is considered one of the most accomplished and esteemed actors of his generation. Who would not want this man narrating their dreams?

9. Tyson Beckford


Tyson Beckford is considered one of the most successful black models of all time. Just look at that picture above and tell us it does not do something to you.

8. Michael Jordan


One of the greatest living athletes on the planet, Michael Jordan is a slam dunk. Standing at 6’6″ Mr. Jordan is one tall drink of water.

7. Andre Agassi


One of the greats of pro tennis, Andre Agassi started his career with some truly wild hair. He ditched the Rod Stewart look and by the late 1990s, he began sporting his now-signature clean-shaven head and has never looked back. The world’s a better place!

6. Patrick Stewart


Star Trek fans have long known this to be true, but Patrick Stewart is one hot “Sir” (the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire). Though not a prince or a duke, we think Stewart has the right amount of bare chivalry.

5. Taye Diggs


Another actor who has sizzled on stage and screen is Taye Diggs. While he might have an official title, we think he is king of the smile.

4. Tyrese


Acclaimed musician, actor, producer, author, and model, Tyrese Darnell Gibson, is simply known to most as Tyrese. Who could deny this man’s beautiful bald head, smooth voice, and steamy R&B sound?

3. LL Cool J


Aren’t you pleased to know that this image exists in the world? Here, we find Prince William and rapper LL Cool J side-by-side. We do not know why this happened, but we are very excited it did. They are right there next to one another, which one do you fancy?

2. Dwayne Johnson


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is one of the most beloved entertainers around the world with an international audience of devoted fans who can’t get enough of the star. He is so famous and such a hard-working individual, we often wonder if he’s figured out how to monetize each breath he takes.

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1. Stanley Tucci


We had always been fans of Stanley Tucci but it wasn’t until we watched him eating his way through Italy in the new travel series, Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy until we truly understood this actor’s sex appeal. Aside from a bald head, he also loves to cook, speaks Italian, loves wine, and comes off completely charming. You have not lived until you have watched a bald man eat a bowl of authentic carbonara!

There you go! We hope you have enjoyed these sexy bald men and will agree with us that many of them are sexier than Prince William. Again, Prince William seems completely wonderful in every way. However, some algorythym somewhere was doing a something extra special to come to that conclusion! Who do you think the sexiest bald man in the world is?

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