Watch Shay Mitchell and Her ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Co-Star Ian Harding Try the Absolute Grossest Pregnancy Cravings

Pregnancy cravings can vary from person to person – there’s the common cravings for sweets, or salty (hello, pickles!), or maybe you’re all about the spice. Shay Mitchell, who has been candid about her experience being pregnant, recently decided to put those pregnancy cravings to the test.  

Mitchell, who is pregnant with her first child, recently posted a video on her YouTube channel called “Pregnancy Cravings ASMR/Mukbang” where she enlisted the help of her Pretty Little Liars co-star Ian Harding to try some of the more unusual craving combinations. Mitchell told viewers that this was the “number one request” from fans, so she wanted to make it happen. 

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Together the friends tried cravings that Mitchell herself has experienced or friends have shared with her, including pickles topped with peanut butter (which made Harding wonder if he was pregnant), Twinkies dipped in ranch, Kool-Aid with salt, and waffle and ramen. 

As you can imagine, some of the combinations go over better than others. Harding and Mitchell said they could “get behind” ice cream on toast, Oreos dipped in mustard (well, sort of), canned corn, pickles and peanut butter, waffles and ramen, and Doritos with Ketchup and ranch.

But the couple passed real hard on the Kool-aid with salt, pizza bagels and jelly, flaming hot Cheetos and yogurt, powdered donuts with canned cheese, and Twinkies with ranch (which they deemed the worst combo).

Harding noted that Mitchell will make a wonderful mom because she’s “assertive and intelligent.” Mitchell also shared a hilariously cute picture of herself, saying she looked like “an Asian Benjamin Button” as a baby. 

Did you have any super-weird pregnancy cravings when you were expecting? Or are Shay Mitchell’s pregnancy cravings the absolute weirdest? Drop us a comment and let us know!

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