Shemar Moore Shares Side-By-Side Comparison of Him and His New Baby Girl, Frankie, Twinning

Shemar Moore is enjoying the many blessings that come with being a girl dad and is already seeing some of the similarities he shares with his newborn daughter, Frankie. In an Instagram post on April 8, he shared a side-by-side photo comparison of him and Frankie with their mouths open wide and eyes closed.

“Frankie and Daddy TWINNING! Swipe to see Frankie stealing Grandma Marilyn’s hat swag,” he wrote in the caption – also sharing a photo of Frankie wearing one of her late grandmother’s hats. The adorable photo shows just how much Frankie has grown over the past two and a half months. 

Shemar Moore shares Frankie with his girlfriend, Jesiree Dizon – who welcomed the child on January 24. They announced they were expecting their first child together on January 9 in an Instagram video, which showed clips from their gender reveal. At the time, they already had the name Frankie picked out. 

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Shemar Moore and Jesiree Dizon were originally expecting Frankie to arrive on February 8, which would’ve been incredible timing – Shemar’s mother, who he refers to as Grandma Marilyn, passed away on February 8, 2020. Their baby would’ve arrived on the three-year anniversary of her untimely death. 

While the baby arrived two weeks earlier than expected, it was still a bittersweet moment as one of Grandma Marilyn’s dreams was to one day be a grandmother. Shemar made that dream come true and celebrated the momentous achievement at his mother’s stone marker with his girlfriend and daughter. 

On February 9, he posted a photo of the trio at the marker – adorned with wine and one of his mother’s hats. Mom’s dream was for me to become a father and give momma some grandbabies… it took me a minute, but momma’s dream is now reality!!” he wrote in the caption – adding it wasn’t an easy road. 

“Jesiree Dizon, we came back into each other’s lives and found love again and created a magical lil human together. I’ll call her ‘My little miracle.’ FRANKIE MOORE Jez, I love you and am so grateful. Daddy Loves Frankie. I love and miss you every day Grandma Marilyn,” Shemar added in the caption. 

Shemar Moore Tells Story About His Mother’s Stone Marker

A few days after Shemar Moore and Jesiree Dizon welcomed their daughter, they arrived home for the first time with the baby – the day was January 26 and it was a special one. As you can see from the photo of Grandma Marilyn’s stone marker from above, it’s the same date written at the bottom of the stone. 

“This house is my son’s home,” the marker reads, with the date January 26, 2020, written on the bottom. Three years later, Shemar posted a video of him sipping wine in front of the stone as he lit a tiki torch in his mother’s honor. He told a little story about how that stone came about and the meaning behind it. 

January 26, 2020, was the last time he saw his mother before she passed away on February 8. At the time, Shemar hadn’t bought the house, but January 26 was the day he was going to sign the offer for the home. His mother was there to take a tour of the house and get her first glimpse of it before he bought it.

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At one point during the tour, she called Shemar over to that very spot and told him, “Shemar, you made your current house (his previous house) really beautiful and it was good to you for 13 years, but I was never all the way in love with it. But Shemar, this house is my son’s home.” So he had the stone made to commemorate the moment.

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