125 Short Girl Names With Tons of Character

Are you looking for the perfect appellation for your daughter that makes a real statement? Consider short girl names that get right to the point and pack a punch. These baby names are generally around five letters or less and most contain only one syllable. You will be shocked at the impact short girl names have as they manage to make a real impression by sounding delightfully blunt.

Short names are effortlessly cool and float on a breeze of fresh air. Further, the most popular names for girls like Olivia, Isabella, and Evelyn all have many syllables which often prompts parents to choose shortened forms of the names or nicknames. With short names for girls, you can skip that step because the appellations are already concise and easy to use. Now, let’s discover some charming baby names!

Check Out These Versatile Short Girl Names!

Classic Short Girl Names

125 short girl names

These concise names for girls will never, ever go out of style. They’re classic for a reason as they remain in families for generations and are returned to again and again.

  • Claire – A name of French origin, meaning “clear”
  • Dawn – An English name, meaning “morning light”
  • Joy – An English word name, meaning “happiness”
  • Anne – French form of a Hebrew name, meaning “grace”
  • Bea – A diminutive form of a name from Latin, meaning “bringer of happiness”

Even More Classics to Fall in Love With

125 short girl names

Here are more short girl names that have historically remained popular in the US. They’re not going anywhere anytime soon!

  • Blair – A name of Scottish origin, meaning “from the plain”
  • Jane – An English name, meaning “God is gracious”
  • Grace – An English virtue name, meaning “God’s grace”
  • Hope – Another English virtue name, meaning “optimism”
  • Liv – A Norse name, meaning “life”

More Popular Short Girl Names to Consider

125 short girl names

The following short girl names are some of the most popular names in the United States today. Your daughter will be in good company with any of them!

  • Kate – A diminutive form of Kathryn, meaning “pure”
  • Paige – An English occupational name, meaning “page boy”
  • Rose – A name from Latin, meaning “rose” or “a flower”
  • Shea – A storied Irish name, meaning “dauntless one”
  • Pearl – A Latin gem name that means exactly what you think it does

New Short Girl Names That Sound Fresh

125 short girl names

Perhaps you’re a parent who likes to think outside the box. You’re in luck because there are a ton of short girl names that are unique and have yet to find their way on a ton of birth certificates. Check out these offbeat options!

  • Blue – An English color name
  • Dream – One dreamy appellation
  • Bliss – An English word name, meaning “happiness”
  • Peace – A virtue name, meaning “peace”
  • Gray – An English surname and color name

Trendy Short Girl Names to Discover

125 short girl names

Here are some trendy short girl names that defy convention and, in so doing, have lodged themselves into new parents’ hearts. These names are on the rise but are hardly popular.

  • Scout – A word name taken from literature (To Kill a Mockingbird), meaning “one who listens”
  • Rogue – A new possibility, meaning “villain”
  • Star – An English word name with a lot of symbolic resonance
  • Teal – An English word referring to the color
  • Skye – An evocative Scottish place name

Short Girl Names from the Bible

125 short girl names

There are plenty of short girl names from the bible that religious parents can consider. These appellations are also commonplace that they might even feel secular for parents who are not religiously inclined.

  • Beth – A diminutive form of Elizabeth, from Hebrew, meaning “pledged to God”
  • Tal – A Hebrew name, meaning “dew of God”
  • Eve – A name of Hebrew origin, meaning “life”
  • Noa – A Hebrew name for girls that means “motion”
  • Ruth – A name from Hebrew, meaning “compassionate friend”

Vintage Short Girl Names That Deserve Some Love

125 short girl names

Many short girl names have fallen through the cracks over the years and have suffered from underuse. Let’s take a look at once-popular appellations that deserve a comeback!

  • Merle – A French name, meaning “blackbird”
  • Dee – A diminutive form of Diana, meaning “divine”
  • Bess – A diminutive of Elizabeth, meaning “pledged to God”
  • Dot – A diminutive form of Dorothy, meaning “God’s gift”
  • Jeanne – A French variation of Jean, meaning “God is gracious”

Other Retro Short Girl Names to Bring Back

125 short girl names

The following short girl names have a retro sound to new parents’ ears today. These treasures just need to be dusted off and put to good use for your daughter!

  • Jan – A feminine form of John, meaning “God is gracious”
  • Blythe – From English, meaning “carefree”
  • Dale – An early unisex name inspired by nature, Dale has unfortunately been neglected for girls, meaning “valley”
  • Jill – A diminutive form of Juliana, meaning “youthful”
  • Mel – From Greek, meaning “smooth” or “dark”

Boy Names That Sound Better On Girls

125 short girl names

Some names that have historically gone to boys over girls deserve a makeover as appellations for girls. Some pioneering parents have already adopted “boy names” for their daughters to great success. Let’s take a look at some great options!

  • Blake – A name from English meaning “dark” and “fair”
  • Chance – A French name, meaning “chief”
  • Shane – A name from Hebrew, meaning “God is gracious”
  • Beck – A short form of Rebecca or an English name, meaning “from the small stream”
  • Jude – A gender-neutral name that has gone to boys more often, Jude means “praised”

Nature-Inspired Short Girl Names

125 short girl names

Turn to the great outdoors for baby name inspiration. There are so many established short girl names in this class as well as some new possibilities that parents are just now turning to for the first time.

  • Dove – An animal name, meaning “a bird”
  • Bay – A body of water or a Latin word, meaning “berry”
  • March – A great month name, perfect for fans of Little Women
  • Sage – A name of Latin origin, meaning “wise”
  • Ash – An English name, meaning “from the ash trees”
  • Birch – An English habitational name, meaning “from the birch trees”
  • Brooke – Another English habitational name, meaning “from the brook”

More Short Girl Names from Nature

125 short girl names

Here are even more names from nature that we like to call “econames.” Nature names are bigger than ever before so it’s a smart place to look for short girl names with style.

  • Fleur – A French name and the word for “flower”
  • Fox – An English name and animal, meaning “fox”
  • Jade – A precious stone name, Jade comes from Spanish and means “stone of the side”
  • Shore – Another word name, perfect for a beach baby
  • Sky – A different name entirely than Skye, Sky is a word name
  • June – A name from Latin, from Juno, meaning “month of June”
  • Lake – A natural word name that means exactly what you think

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Econames

125 short girl names

For your consideration, even more, short girl names inspired by our beautiful planet.

  • Rain – Another word name
  • Lynx – An animal name, meaning “a cat”
  • Noon – A time of day, perfect for a baby born midday
  • Park – An English and French occupational name for a “park keeper”
  • Clove – A spice name that seems ready to heat up
  • Shell – A nature name, meaning “a seashell”

Short Girl Names from Around the World

125 short girl names

So many of the names that are popular today come from English, Hebrew, Greek, and Latin but there are so many forms of names found in other languages and unique appellations originating in them as well. Let’s take a look at several that new parents are discovering today.

  • Paz – A Spanish or Hebrew name, meaning “peace” or “gold”
  • Tai – A name from Chinese, that can mean “great extreme”
  • Zen – A Japanese word and form of Buddhism
  • Ume – A Japanese name, meaning “plum-blossom child” and “patient”
  • Sloane – An Irish name, meaning “raider”

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More Short Girl Names from a Variety of Origins

125 short girl names

Let’s look at even more short girl names that might be new to you. These names sound novel to many Americans but they are commonplace where the languages are spoken.

  • Rez – A Hungarian name, meaning “copper hair”
  • Noor – From Arabic, meaning “light”
  • Gul – A Turkish or Persian name, meaning “rose”
  • Heer – From Arabic, meaning “diamond”
  • Neve – A Spanish name and word, meaning “snow”

More Short Girls Names to Fall In Love With

125 short girl names

Here are even more names from around the world that are sure to catch your ear!

  • Eshe – A name from Swahili, meaning “life”
  • Eyre – A name from Norse origin, meaning “gravel riverbank”
  • Bo – A Norse nickname-name, meaning “to live”
  • Pip – A diminutive form of Philipa, from Greek, meaning “lover of horses”
  • Britt– A Swedish form of Birgit, meaning “high priestess”

Short Girl Names from Mythology

125 short girl names

Mythology has informed how societies understand the world. These names contain a sense of magic and possibility. Let’s take a look at some that fall into the short girl names category.

  • Maeve – An Irish queen of the fairies, meaning “she who intoxicates”
  • Nyx – A name from Greek mythology, a goddess of night, meaning “night”
  • Fee – A diminutive form of Fiona with a curious meaning, “fairy”
  • Fay – From Old English, meaning “fairy”
  • Neve – From Irish Gaelic, an Anglicized form of Niamh, referring to Niamh of the Golden Hair, meaning “bright”

Grandma Names Ready for a Reboot

125 short girl names

Similar to vintage names, “grandma names” or “old lady names” are names that sound dated and haven’t been widely used for many decades.

  • Blanche – A name from French, meaning “white”
  • Faine – A forgotten English name, meaning “joyful”
  • Bette – A diminutive form of Elizabeth, from Hebrew, meaning “pledged to God”
  • Maud – A diminutive form of Matilda, meaning “battle-ready”
  • Sue – Sue is a diminutive form of Susan, from Hebrew, meaning “lily”

Rare Short Girl Names

125 short girl names

These names are rare names that can fit in multiple categories but we wanted to present together in the event that you want unique short girl names for your daughter.

  • Chan – A Cambodian name, meaning “sweetly perfumed tree”
  • Moon – An English word name that means exactly what you think it does
  • Neith – An Egyptian name, meaning “divine mother”
  • Raine – A name from French, meaning “queen”
  • Ree – A Hebrew name, meaning “servant of God”

More Rare Names to Consider

125 short girl names

Those rare short girl names were fun, right? Here are even more that you might have missed that truly impress.

  • Spence – An English and French occupational name, meaning “steward”
  • Triste – A name with Latin roots that means “sorrowful” or “noise”
  • Wynn – More popular as a surname today, Wynn is of Welsh origin, meaning “pure”
  • Xin – A Chinese name that can mean “elegant” and “beautiful”
  • Yule – From English, meaning “winter solstice”

Short Names for Girls That Start with V

125 short girl names

We find more requests for baby names that start with a certain letter often. Names that start with V account for many of these as many people likely want options for the initial.

  • Verve – An English name from French, meaning “vigor”
  • Vi – A name of Latin origin, meaning “purple”
  • Virge – A name of Latin origin, meaning “virgin”
  • Vera – A Slavic name that means “faith”
  • Viv – Another name of Latin origin, meaning “life”

Famous Short Girl Names

125 short girl names

Some celebrities have made their short girl names as part of their image. Most of these women chose these monikers to stand out from the rest. Take a look at these winners!

  • Cher – A name of French of origin, popularized by Cherilyn Sarkisian, meaning “beloved”
  • Drew – A name from Greek, meaning “manly,” famously used by Drew Barrymore
  • Mae – A name that immediately conjures the image of the glamorous Mae West, who took the name over her birth name Mary Jane
  • Reese – A Welsh name that means “ardor,” made popular today by Reese Witherspoon
  • Meryl – The only Meryl that many of us know, Meryl Streep shines with this name from Irish Gaelic that means “sea bright.”

Playful Short Girl Names

125 short girl names

Are you looking for the most exciting short girl names? These appellations are full of life and energy!

  • Bex – More modern than Bess and more playful than Liz, Bex feels like the perfect short girl name! The appellation is a diminutive form of Elizabeth, meaning “pledged to God”
  • Jazz – An American name, meaning “music”
  • Kat – A purrfect name, a diminutive form of Kathryn, meaning “pure”
  • Lou – A delightfully masculine unisex name that sounds great for girls, meaning “famed warrior”
  • Jinx – An English word name that’s as playful as they get

More Short Girl Names With Energy

125 short girl names

Here are more playful names that are perfect for your daughter!

  • Rive – A name from Hebrew, meaning “maiden”
  • Joss – A name of German and English origin, meaning “kinswoman”
  • Keats – An English surname-name, meaning “kite”
  • Prim – An English name, meaning “first” like Primrose
  • Yaz – A Turkish name meaning “bliss”

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Our Favorite Short Girl Names

125 short girl names

We end this list with the least subjective category in our favorite short girl names. These are names that shine a little brighter than the rest for us. We hope that you agree!

  • Max – A diminutive form of Maxine, meaning “greatest”
  • Jules – A unisex name, from French by way of Latin, meaning “youthful”
  • Teague – A Scottish name, meaning “bard” and “poet”
  • Cloud – A light breezy word name for nature lovers and dreamers
  • Khole – NOT to be confused with the silly spelling of Chloe that Khloe Kardashian uses, Khole is a different name that comes from Old English as a female form of Nicholas, meaning “people of victory”

There you go! See how these short girl names don’t want for charm or character? They are so evocative and will serve your daughter well. If you want a name that gets right to the point without a lot of fluff, these short girl names really must be at the top of your baby name shortlist. Happy baby name hunting!

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