25 Short Quote Tattoos That Deliver in Just a Few Words

Time-tested affirmations make for the best quote tattoos. These forms of self-expression are reminders to hang on to important ideas and to remain inspired. Now, quotes come in all shapes, sizes, and varying lengths. We decided to take a look at some short but effective tattoo quotes that really deliver in just a handful of words. The designs of these tats will help carry home their message. Be it lettering, font, shape, or overall size, the design can bolster the power the quote conveys.

What are some of your favorite quotes or positive sayings? What inspires you to fully live or deeply love? These are a couple of questions you should ask yourself when considering a quote for your tattoo. Further, you want to think about impact, because after all, you are not the only person who will see the design. What will help deliver the message to friends and others who catch a glimpse of your ink? We’ve got some ideas to help you maximize the aesthetic appeal of your tattoo design. Here are 25 beautiful, short quote tattoos that really know how to stick the landing.

Don’t Worry

Is your worry ever so bad you worry about that worrying? It might be a sign that you’re dealing with anxiety. This tattoo design perfectly captures the cyclical nature of it.


Here, we find a lovely quote framed by a watercolor effect. We really have to agree with this rhetorical question because we do, indeed, love this design.


Mental health tattoos let others know that they are not alone in their struggle as well as remind the people with them to stay strong. Accepting that happiness shouldn’t be a 24/7 feeling is an excellent place to start healing.

The End

While this quote is most likely attributed to James Potter from Harry Potter, the sentiment stands up on its own. Tell someone that you’ll stay with them until the very end.

Let It Fall

For many of us, being patient and waiting for things to come to fruition is a challenge. This exceptional typeface tattoo reminds us to wait for it.


This quote is similar to the journey vs. destination debate. The process is often a more important factor. Additionally, we love the original font used here.

Be You

This cute little heart with black, grey, and white ink is a compelling testament to staying true to yourself. We love all the little dots that bring this design to life.


If you believe in yourself, you won’t need to rely on others so heavily. This very austere tattoo captures the sentiment well.

Real Happiness

We’re not sure why the “is” is left out of this quote that’s often attributed to Chris McCandless AKA Alexander Supertramp. He was the subject of a book you’ve probably heard of, Into the Wild.

Day by Day

Taking things step by step is the best process when moving forward. Processing difficult times or situations takes time and can’t be rushed. This is a healthy reminder in a gorgeous font.


Here’s another refreshing font for this simple quote “light & truth.” This tribute to positivity and honesty in these dark times is very much needed.

Keep in Mind

A common aspiration when people feel like giving up is to “remember why you started.” While the journey might have forced you to stray from a path or to get distracted, remembering the end goal is always important.

Be Strong

It’s true! It takes courage to open up to someone and expose the real you. Stay strong and stay true to yourself and only let your true colors shine.

Let Go

Actually processing pain or discomfort is something that many of us do not do fully enough. This tattoo reminds us to feel it all but then to release it once the time comes. Dwelling on the past is never a good idea.

Stay Positive

“Let positivity be your shield,” is always excellent advice. To protect yourself from negative people and energy, keep on the bright side.


As far as short and sweet goes, you could do no better than the two words, “take care.” Care for yourself and for others in everything you do.

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See Goodness

There are always multiple views to see a situation through. Do your best to “see the good.” We love this lettering and feel it brings so much energy to the design.

Cruel & Cool

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No matter how mean this world may seem, do your best to find the good things about each moment you’re in. We love the colorful, primary inks chosen for this tattoo.

Try You

“Give Yourself a Try” happens to be the title of a song by The 1975, but it’s also really excellent advice. Notice how sharp and neat the linework is here.


“Trust your vibes, energy never lies” and its many variations are a popular “trust your gut” saying that rings especially true. If the words someone is saying to you feel like they contradict reality, you’re probably on to something.

Enjoy It

Will do! Similar to “It’s all in the process,” “enjoy the journey” is also a great way of expressing the importance of staying in the moment.


We’re pretty sure this is a quote from the animated series Bojack Horseman, but having “half a mind” is a popular saying. We especially love this narrow, vertical font.

Fondly Remember

“Look back with love,” is the most excellent lesson. Learning to remember difficult times with patience, care, and heart will allow you to move forward.

With Love

“Do small things with great love,” is another piece of smart advice. When in doubt, do it with as much love as you can muster.

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Keep Going

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” by Robert Frost is one of the most beloved contemporary poems. The final two lines of the poem are lifted for this tattoo. This person has decided to trade the word “and” with an ampersand to give it a fresh look. We’re very much into it.

There you go! 25 excellent short quote tattoos that manage to communicate important ideas, advice, and sentiments in just a few words. We hope you feel inspired to get a quote you love tattooed. It will serve you well.

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