Shots Ring Out During Fourth of July Parade in Highland Park, Illinois

During a Fourth of July parade in Illinois, chaos erupted as gunshots rang out amongst the crowd. While many of the details of the shooting are still unknown, here’s what we know right now.

According to CNN, the parade was taking place in downtown Highland Park, Illinois. As the Lake County Sheriff’s Office revealed, the parade has since been canceled and they advised residents to avoid the downtown area the rest of the day.

Shots Ring Out During Fourth of July Parade in Highland Park, Illinois

A witness told CNN that he heard around 20 to 25 gunshots and saw at least one person on the ground with blood on them. US representative, Brad Schneider, took to Twitter to say he and his team were gathered “at the start of the parade when the shooting started. My team and I are safe and secure.”

Another State Representative Bob Morgan has since reported multiple injuries, according to CNN. 

In the below video, you can see that the parade had already begun when the shots began. A marching band and audience members are seen reacting to the sounds back running in a panic.

Another witness told The New York Times that the shot began not long after the parade began. “All of a sudden you just heard the gunshots, multiple and quick in a row, and then masses, masses of people running. The streets were just filled with people running, kids crying,” she added.

At this time, no injuries or deaths have been confirmed. However, several reports claim at least 5 people are dead and 16 more were hospitalized. Highland Park is located just about 35 miles north of Chicago. Whether or not the police have a suspect remains unclear.

Actress Rachel Brosnahan, best known for her lead role in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, took to Instagram to share her thoughts on the news. Brosnahan revealed she grew up in Highland Park and how today’s news shocked her deeply.

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“I grew up in Highland Park and spent nearly every day after school and every weekend being stupid with friends directly across from where today’s shooting occurred. I never once considered that I may be unsafe there,” the actor began.

“My heart breaks a little bit more every time the news cycle lights up with news of yet another mass shoot, but today’s news adds a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘hitting home.’ I do not wish the feeling of calling and texting family and friends to make sure everyone is okay on anyone,” she continued.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. We have lost our minds. My heart is broken for the families in Highland Park affected by today’s shooting. Enough is enough is enough is enough.”

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