Shoud I change doctors?

So should I see a different OB doctor? Advice? Could it be something else? I recently just moved, I’m 32wks pregnant with my third (all back to back) they were watching me for preeclampsia. My hands and feet Are swollen & never go down any! She’s telling me it’s normal & I don’t have preeclampsia bc my blood pressure isn’t high. (It’s been on the shallow side) (101/49) But I have high levels of protein In my urine (they have ordered me to do two 24 hour urine test from it being so high) & I believe the swelling is a bit concerning considering the fact I’m passing out, a headache that never goes away no matter how much medicine I take or anything. Nausea just started happening recently. Haven’t had it my entire pregnancy. Then I don’t know if it’s stomach pains or just the baby growing, but my stomach hurts everyday! For the past few days. Also, Up north I was on medicine for my iron, she has yet to prescribe me meds, yet to tell me my blood work results that were done Two weeks ago at my very first appointment. I’m frustrated.

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  1. Please please please go to labor and delivery and be checked out there. What you are describing can be very dangerous for you and baby both… I work in the medical field, and what you are describing warrants a trip to the hospital asap…and when you get there have them run their own tests. Better safe than sorry!

  2. Literally in L&D myself because of higher BP, bad headache that won’t leave, and doing the 24 hour urine. It’s better to be safe momma, you don’t want anything to happen to you or baby.

  3. That’s a lot of red flag symptoms being swept under the rug. I would definitely find another doctor and make an appointment with any other OB in that office asap. Did you go to the hospital after you fainted?

    1. Tiffany Grimaldo I went to the hospital, they didn’t run any tests. I was released less then an hour later. The excuse I got was “I don’t know why you fainted.” Was her exact words .

    2. wth… i went in when i fainted while pregnant and they hooked me up with an iv monitored baby and had me give a urine sample! I was there for almost 2 hrs because they waited for baby to wake up and monitor his moving heart rate…. i would March into labor and delivery and demand every test possible to be ran and you want some damn answers within three days or as soon as test results come to their hands. A pregnant woman’s health should not be taken this lightly.

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