Would It Bother You If Your Husband Kissed His Mom on the Lips?

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QUESTION: Should a grown man kiss his mom on the lips?

“Hi. I have a question. I recently saw my husband kiss his mom on the lips (as a greeting). NEVER before have I seen that. I felt disgusted and disturbed. Is this normal? I had to put a stop to that. I do not morally accept that. What are your thoughts?”

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Would It Bother You If Your Husband Kissed His Mom on the Lips?

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“Do you not kiss your kids on the lips? You have no right to “put a stop” to it. Don’t sexualize a woman kissing her kid. No matter how old the kid is. Some families aren’t close, and some have a brilliant bond.”

“Sorry but you’re totally in the wrong here. You “put a stop” to him greeting his mother? You just sound controlling honestly. And if you think him kissing his mother is weird then you’re the 1 with a problem, not him. Different families do different things but for you to be this freaked out about it, you have some issues.”

“You know what? If he kisses his mama on the lips, it’s a sign that she’s a great mother who raised a good man. How he treats his mama is an indicator of how he’ll treat his wife also. There will come a day when she is no longer here, and when that day comes, your husband would be willing give anything for just one more special moment like that. Don’t try to take that away from him. A healthy relationship between husband & wife is built on the foundation of their relationships with family members. Sounds like your husband is building on a strong foundation. Are you?”

“I would find out why it bothers you and fix that. He isn’t the problem you are. He can so affection towards his mom anyway he wants. I do and will continue to kiss my kid’s.”

“At the end of the day, She is his wife. They are both grown. Not children anymore, bc yes I kissed my parents up until a certain age on the lips. That is what cheeks are for.”

“I kiss my boys on the lips but my oldest I’m starting to kiss on his face. So as of right now my youngest still gives me sweet lil kid kisses I adore. As he will get older I will probably switch to his face. I understand your immediate feeling bc in my family, we barely hug. First time I saw that, I was kind of grossed out by it. When I had my own babies, it felt natural to me.”

“I kiss my kids on the lips and I have never seen anything wrong with it. I think it pretty common and normal.”

“Let some women come in and tell my boys they cant give their mama kisses. No I probably wont give them pecks on the lips when they are grown, but even if I did so what? They will always be my babies. And if you’re jealous about that then you’re probably just jealous in general of their bond….”

“I see no problem with this. My family occasionally kisses on the lips. It’s not an intimate kiss. It’s a peck out of love and caring. These are the people who raised you and wiped your back end. I hope when my son grows up he still wants to give his mom the occasional kiss goodbye.”

“Oh gees pick your battles that’s nothing to be weirded out and why control him and tell him he cant kiss his momma my mom kisses me on the lips and i kiss my son on thr lips grow up a bit he could be kissing another women instead of his momma.”

“That’s his mother…that’s HER life she gave birth to. She carried and loved that man..u know good and well there is NO immoral “kiss” there..he must love her very much…Which is priceless this day and time..most people don’t even like their parents. Leave him alone.”

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