We Need Your Help, Should My Friend Marry a Guy She’s Only Been With Six Months

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QUESTION: Should my friend marry a guy she just met?

“I have a question; I’d like to get some advice on a friend of mine. She met this great guy just over a year ago; she hasn’t really had the greatest life or great luck with men previously. She asked me what I thought about her situation, and I really don’t know what to tell her. I have seen a lot of great advice stuff on this page and thought I’d ask here for her.

My friend, let’s just call her Emily, met her now-fiancé, yes fiancé. And she’s really happy that she’s finally getting the chance to be happy with this great guy, let’s call him James. So she told me that James proposed to her just after six months of dating and she thought it was a little fast, but she feels something for him she never felt before.

There’s a twist, though; she doesn’t know if she’s really ready to get married or if she’s just liking the idea of being with someone and not being alone. The question is, should she really marry this guy that she’s only known for over a year and was only dating for six months, or should she get to know him more and see how things go and then decide if she thinks it’s the right thing to do? They set a date for Valentine’s day 2022.”

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We Need Your Help, Should My Friend Marry a Guy She's Only Been With Six Months

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“I was 13 my husband was 15 when we got together in 2006. We didn’t get married until 2018 and 3 kids later. When she is ready, she is ready. Some like to wait and see. Some just jump right to it. It all depends on you. Unless he’s abusive physically or mentally. Let your friend learn and be happy. You never know, it just might work out!”

“Parents got married after 3 months of dating. Still together after 33 years, soon to be 34 in October.”

“I would say the problem isn’t the length of time she has known him. The problem is she isn’t sure if she wants to be married. She needs to resolve that. Marriage is not easy for people who are 100% sure. It would suck to wake up a few months in and realize you didn’t want it.”

“I met my now husband and 8 months later we were married and I was pregnant. We’ve been married 4 years on 5/20.”

“Me and my husband met and got married 2 weeks later. We are still married 36 years, so it can work.”

“My husband and I started officially dating in January of 2020. We decided to get married at the beginning of December 2020 and tied the knot on January 9th of this year. When you know, you know. I’m super happy.”

“I mean the problem here isn’t that your friend only met him a year ago. The problem is your friend doesn’t know if she really wants to marry him or not.”

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