Sister Wives’ Janelle Gets Into It With Husband Kody Brown Over COVID-19 Precautions During The Holidays

Janelle and Kody Brown are at each other’s throats on this week’s Sister Wives episode.

The couple, who are in a polygamous marriage arrangement with Christine, 49, Meri, 50, and Robyn, 43, fought over how the Brown family should gather amid the COVID-19 pandemic amid the holiday season.

While Kody expected his wives and children to adhere to the CDC’s recommendations, Janelle was not looking forward to the rules. anelle argued the couple’s adult sons, Garrison and Gabriel, should be able to maintain their social lives while living in her household, but Kody disagreed for COVID-19 safety reasons.

“I’m making all the sacrifices and I’m asking everybody else to simply meet that level of sacrifice so that the family can exist,” said Kody, adding that “anything” he can do to prevent possible COVID-19 exposure amongst the family is “a smart idea.”

Janelle then went on to accuse Kody of being “aggressive” with her as they argued about how they’ve failed to listen to each other’s concerns. Kody concluded that their sons Garrison and Gabriel should potentially move out so that he can continue to come over.

When Janelle later relayed Kody’s rules to her sons, Gabriel expressed how “tired” he is of their father’s “stupid games.” Garrison added that Kody is acting like “a child” and that he needs to “figure out how not to tear apart his family over something so stupid.”

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They continued, threatening to even call their father to address their strong thoughts on the matter.

Gabriel and Garrison went on to refuse to spend Thanksgiving with Kody. While Janelle and her sons agreed to see whether it was possible to gather separately with Christine and her children.

As the episode went on, Janelle spoke frankly with Robyn about the rollercoaster of a relationship with Kody.

Robyn shared how she was “really worried” about the “distance” between Janelle and Kody. But Janelle, who admitted she once spent eight months apart from her husband, said she likes the “freedom” of her polygamous arrangement because she gets “really antsy” when she’s unable to make choices for herself. She went on to cite COVID-19 rules as an example of this.

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“I think that’s why I kind of freaked out the other day,” she said to Robyn. “I’m masking. You know, I’m [doing] pretty much all those things [he requires]. But the extra few steps were just like, ‘Whoa, that’s too many of my choices being taken away.’ “

Kody’s COVID-19 safety rules came up once again as he met with his wives to finalize their Thanksgiving plans.

Kody said he will “respect” everyone’s decisions but pointed out that they all “have an obligation to a very large amount of people” to keep their family functional. We also said he will no longer regulate how his wives choose to live their lives, however, he did request they “consider a much bigger picture.”

“No guilt trip, just a little prick to your conscious and you guys decide what you do,” he continued. “I’m not going to tell this family how they do it. I am going to lead the way that I think is the right way.”

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