Sister Wives’ Star Madison Brown Brush Shares SWEETEST Video of Her Daughter, 2, Putting on Her Prosthetic Leg

Evangalynn “Evie” Kodi Brush is a very independent toddler! This past Thursday, the Good New Movement Instagram account shared the clip of Evie, 2, putting on her prosthetic leg alone for the very first time.

Sister Wives’ Star Madison Brown Brush Shares SWEETEST Video of Her Daughter, 2, Putting on Her Prosthetic Leg

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The clip was originally posted by Evie’s mom and Sister Wives‘ star, Maddie Brown Brush, on Instagram. However, it is not the first time she’s shared a look into Evie’s life! Last January, she uploaded a spa day video in which she painted Evie’s prosthetic toenails.

“I put this on my stories, but I also felt it needed to be shared on my main feed! This is our life!” Brush captioned the video. “It’s normal, but not normal. I found myself asking if it was even ok to paint the toes of her prosthetic. So weird that I felt I needed to ask… But I guess it’s somewhat normal. How do you navigate, how do you make her feel normal, but also not invalidated.”

Evie was diagnosed with a congenital abnormality called oligodactyly before she was born. In utero, Evie was expected to be missing a finger, but a few other limbs were affected. She was missing a thumb and a toe, and one leg was missing a fibula (commonly known as the calf bone), and also had a bowed tibia (shinbone). The reason appeared to be fibular aplasia, tibial campomelia, and oligosyndactyly (FATCO) syndrome.

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After making the decision to undergo a Boyd amputation, Brush originally shared on Instagram two years ago how “this was not a light-hearted decision.”

“We spent the better part of the last year educating ourselves, talking to doctors, prosthetists, other families, and other amputees as we came to the decision we did,” Maddie wrote, explaining that education had gone a long way to change her view of what her daughter might need and benefit from in terms of her diagnosis.

“Before Evie, I classified amputees as one category,” Maddie continued. “You amputated because there was no way of saving the limb. I think that goes along with #limbdifference education,” she urged. “Sometimes it’s about quality of life. Due to this, I wanted to give a more in-depth explanation and answer all at once. I hope it will all bring awareness to a part of the #limbdifference world.”

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