‘Sister Wives’ Star Mykelti Brown and Husband, Tony Pardon, Are Now Parents of 3 After Welcoming Twins Earlier This Month

They came two weeks earlier than the original December 1st due date, but Mykelti Brown Pardon and husband, Antonio ‘Tony’ Pardon, are now parents to twin boys – Archer and Ace. The mother, father, and babies are healthy and happy – as are the loving grandparents, Christine Brown and Kody Brown

The twin boys arrived on November 17th – early, but that’s to be expected when having twins or multiple children at once. Archer (6.15 lbs., 19 inches) will be the younger of the two, making his arrival at 10:54 a.m., and Ace (6.8 lbs., 19 inches) will be the older brother, making his arrival two minutes later at 10:56.

Mykelti Brown, the second eldest child of Sister Wives stars Kody and Christine Brown, told PEOPLE that she’s ‘so happy my boys are finally here and we’re all doing well.’ Her husband shared similar sentiments, adding that he’s ‘glad my sons have finally come to play!!’ What a special day for such a loving couple!

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Mykelti Brown started dating Antonio in 2015 and they hit it off immediately. The two were engaged a year later and didn’t feel the need to wait long, eventually getting married in December of 2016. They waited a few years to have children, but finally welcomed their first child in April 2021 – a daughter, Avalon Asa.

In June of this year, the couple announced they were pregnant again. They knew right away they were having twins and while Mykelti expressed her excitement and eagerness for their arrival, she also felt nervous for the ‘first 18 months of their lives,’ before adding that it will be a ‘wonderful adventure.’ 

A few months later, the couple learned the sexes of the twins. They threw an exciting gender reveal that featured baby blue confetti powder poppers and a blue/pink question-mark-shaped pinata filled with blue candies. “It was the last thing we both expected for both of them to be boys,” Mykelti said on Instagram.

Mykelti’s excitement only grew after learning the twins would be boys. “I’m excited for all three of my kids to be so close together in age. They’ll always have a friend to play with. And Tony and I will be very outnumbered sooner than we realize, it should be a fun adventure,” she said to PEOPLE in August. 

The ‘Sister Wives’ Family Continues to Grow

‘Sister Wives’ Star Mykelti Brown and Husband, Tony Pardon, Are Now Parents of 3 After Welcoming Twins Earlier This Month
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Ever since Sister Wives first debuted on TLC in September 2010, people from around the world have tuned in to get their first real, inside look at a polygamist family. The hit reality TV show features Kody Brown and his four wives – Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Robyn Brown, and Christine Brown

Kody is traditionally married to Robyn, while the other three are considered spiritual marriages – though, Christine recently ended their spiritual marriage. Between his four wives, Kody has 18 children – the oldest is 28 years old, while the youngest is now six. Archer and Ace are his fourth and fifth grandchildren.

Mykelti Brown, 26, was Kody’s fifth child overall and second with Christine Brown – who recently moved to Utah to be closer to Mykelti and her oldest son, Aspyn. While Mykelti and her husband, Tony, will have their hands full, they’ll have all the help they need from the baby’s grandmother and nearby uncle. 

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“I’m so excited, they’re going to be such great parents. I know they’re a bit overwhelmed because it’s twins, it’s a lot of work but I live close, Aspyn lives close. She’s got such an amazing support system. They’ve been incredible parents with Avalon and now we get to see them be parents again!” said Christine in June.

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